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“Diamond/Over the Clouds” – alan

Admit it. She's hawt.

Since crossing over to Japanese music, Chinese native alan has drastically changed her sound and style of music. She has gone from a prim and proper, highly conservative songstress delivering sweeping ballads (RED CLIFF OMG!!!) that stop your heart to becoming the next Ayumi Hamasaki. I figure her Japanese managers use this formula: Hot women + Great voices = lots of yen! A word of warning: If you like alan’s more traditional music then be wary!  Review time!

By the way, there is another great review of this single over at Aesthetic Rhapsody, one of my personal favorite blogs out there. Click the link in my blogroll or go here: http://aestheticrhapsody.wordpress.com/

Track 1: Diamond- This song is currently being used as the ending theme for InuYasha: The Final Act. To go a bit off-topic for a second, I love InuYasha but at the same time it bores me terribly. This song sounds a lot, stylistically, like the ending themes from the original InuYasha anime. This is winterpop at its finest. Rather boring, but pretty upbeat for the most part. I am very much reminded of Ayumi Hamasaki’s song “M’ and this, to me, is just a watered down version of that song. The vocals do not get much of a chance to shine, and if you have heard any of the so-called “wailing” from alan’s earlier work then you too will be yearning for the powerful and controlled voice that she’s got buried underneath this mainstream pop sound. I won’t be playing “Diamond” too much but the next song is a different story.

Track 2: Over the Clouds- Phew! This other a-side saved this single for me! It starts out with an aggressive dance beat and alan’s voice is autotuned briefly. You read that right. She gets the T-Pain treatment, so to speak. Hard to believe considering the way she started out her career. I love the overall progression of this song. Its a great beat to dance to or to blast while cruising about town in your car. Its a feel-good, dancetacular song and has some mean strings. Highly recommended!

(the single also contains instrumentals of both tracks)

In Conclusion- Skip Diamond and put Over the Clouds on repeat. I have to say that I miss alan’s soaring ballads like Red Cliff and Kuon no Kawa but I am glad to see that she is trying out other styles. I do hope that this is not a permanent thing though…

Hey, if anybody has a different opinion of this single of something you’d like to add, leave a comment! I would love to know your thoughts!




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