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“Stay Beautiful” – Diggy Mo

"Stay beauuuuuuuuutifullllllll! Oh oh oh oh!"

Stay Beautiful is the six billionth ending theme for Bleach, the most worn-out anime on the planet. I’m not a Bleach hater by any means, but I am not a fan either. Despite the fact that I gave up on Bleach after, like, two seasons (there are too many characters for me to keep up with!) I still make sure to check out the new openings and ending because they usually have some good ones. The ending sequence featuring this song is awesome because you get to see a bunch of the characters out in the real world wearing contemporary clothing and whatnot. I found that to be an awesome thing to do for the fanbase.

Stay Beautiful is a fun song with a great toe-tapping tune and lousy vocals. My fiance said that “if the song were performed by someone who actually could sing, it wouldn’t be as fun.” I totally agreed with him. This song makes me think of the start of summer when all the excitement is building up after studying all year at school. Plus, I like the phrase “stay beautiful.” Its a timeless mantra we should all live by. Crap, my inner philosopher escaped again.

The b-side, Wardrobe #6 is a jazzy little piece, not much to it, but its a fun song as far as b-sides go, and couples nicely with the a-side.

Next review will hopefully be of my new addiction, immi’s Sign of Love! For now, I’m going to go out in my yard and see if I can catch this frog that’s been yelling at me for the past three hours. I love frogs.



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