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“Defended Desire” – Aldious


Look what I’ve found! ANOTHER VK band where the people who look like chicks are chicks! No guessing! No pondering! No uncomfortable moments!

Aldious, like exist trace, is a Visual Kei band consisting entirely of females. I’d put their sound in between the brutal exist trace and pop-rock group SCANDAL. They can rock out, but their vocals and melodies aren’t as grating or violent as exist trace.

Defended Desire, besides having a cool name, is a fast-paced rock song with some incredible drums. They remind me of the machine-gun-sounding drums that you hear in Deluhi songs. But, the vocals sound a little apathetic and the lyrics are slightly repetitive. I’ll give these girls an A for effort as the song is pretty good. Maybe after a while they will come into their own and produce some stuff that will blow me away. Or I could totally jinx them and force them to disband/lose members, as I have seemingly done to XodiacK, Luzmelt, and Canzel. If this is the case, I will give gacktpause license to mock me for all eternity.

灰の雪 is a slower song and reminds me of older-style j-rock. Its nice, and the vocals are the best in this song. Her voice reminds me of Mika Nakashima in parts.

Ultimate Melodious has a killer opening and the drums get to shine once again. I just couldn’t get into this song because the vocalist sounds like she could care less about the song.

In Conclusion: The winning attribute of Aldious is its drums. The vocals need work. If I don’t sense emotion in any aspect of a song be it the voice, the guitar, whatever, then I don’t feel emotion either and I turn the song off. Still, give it a listen because these girls seem like they’ve got potential.




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“Period” – Chemistry AND “Shunkan Sentimental” – SCANDAL

In honor of Valentine’s Day, you will be getting two, count ’em, TWO reviews today! Here is another reason why you’re getting two reviews: THE ENGLISH DUB OF FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD PREMIERES TONIGHT ON ADULT SWIM AT MIDNIGHT!!! Aaaaaah! For those of you who don’t know, the two songs I am reviewing today currently serve as the opening and ending themes for this spectacular anime. I will start by reviewing “Period.”

Track 1: Period- I’m not proud to say this, but I am the queen of snap decisions. I usually decide whether or not I like a song before I have even heard thirty seconds of it. This is not the kind of song to be judged so quickly. When it starts, you’re going to think “here we go again. Its just a typical anime opening song. Bleh.” You have to let this song get to the chorus before you decide what you think of it. I loved the chorus, mainly for the flowing, emotional vocals. It is sung very very well. I feel like the drum beats are a touch awkward and somewhat out of place, but the main thing you want to listen to here is the voice. Overall, a good song and an energizing opening for Fullmetal.

Track 2: Brand New Season- Am I a bad person for not normally listening to b-sides? … This song is a midtempo ballad with some nice instrumentals and soothing back-up vocals. Its really quite boring other than that, and sung with zero emotion. Its your average b-side.

(also included on the single are instrumental versions of both songs)

“Shunkan Sentimental” is the newest release from up and coming girl band SCANDAL. The song is currently the ending theme of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Track 1: Shunkan Sentimental- I hated this song the first time I heard it. You really have to let it grow on you. After listening a few times, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best song Scandal has put out to date. It makes “Shojo S” look like a joke. The instruments along with the vocals are strong without being overpowering and the chorus is just exhilarating. Plus, in the ending sequence from FMA Brotherhood you get to see Roy Mustang making a really stupid face as he leans against a wall. This has nothing to do with the song, but its funny! “Shunkan Sentimental” is a great song, a very fitting ending theme for Fullmetal, and a blast to listen to.

Track 2: Hoshi no Furu Yoru ni– Pass the earplugs, please! This was a sad attempt to ride the wave created from the previous track’s sheer power. It starts out with the most irritating guitar riff imaginable and the vocals are off-key. Don’t listen to it, for the sake of your ears.

Track 3: Yumemiru Koro wo Sugitemo- Okay, now we have a more mellow track. The guitar is a lot like that in Gackt’s “Suddenly” but the vocals aren’t there. At all. I don’t know what it is with SCANDAL. Sometimes they sing like a powerhouse and other times its just a mess. This song is a big step up from the last one but worlds away from the title track.

(the single also contains the instrumental of “Shunkan Sentimental”)

In Conclusion: Both “Period” and “Shunkan Sentimental” bring a new flavor to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I felt that both fit the mood of the show and were not a bit out of place. (Ugh, does anybody remember “Let it Out?” *vomit*)

Finally, I leave you with something amazing! A picture of me in an Alphonse Elric hat!


P.S.- Don’t forget that the request section is open! If you want me to review your favorite song or album, let me know!

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