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“ONE” – Maki Goto


Maki Goto is a strong woman. After her mother’s unfortunate passing, Maki was able to turn her personal tragedy into triumph. Instead of giving up, she stood on her own two legs and returned to the studio. This way, she could honor her beloved mother who supported her musical career with passion. If this isn’t love, then I don’t know what is.

I fell in love with 宝石 from the first few notes. It starts like a sweet lullaby and gradually adds sounds and beats until it evolves into a dance tune. This is like the perfect Maki song! The song makes me think of the fireworks you seen when you kiss the right person. ^_^

EYES is another dance song. A lot of people have complained that it sounds a little too juvenile for the mature Maki, and is like an unpleasant flashback to her H!P days. I think the song is perfect for Gocchin’s age, honestly. It’s fun to listen to while driving, as long as I don’t start doing disco moves and swerve off of the road. That could be bad.

I haven’t heard Maki tackle many (if any at all) acoustic-style songs so it was nice to hear something like わがまま. The sound of the song was a little dated for my tastes, but I’m not holding any grudges.

言えないけど was probably my favorite song other than 宝石. It’s another great dance song that dabbles in some techno sounds. It isn’t synth overkill which is probably a major contributing factor to my love of the song.

Finally, Maki closes out the mini-album with 華詩 -hanauta- a heartfelt ballad written for her dear mother. If you didn’t know the circumstances surrounding the song, it would just sound like a draggy, ordinary ballad. But, because I know what the song is about and why it was written, I can appreciate this song much more. I was overtaken by the loving emotion in Maki’s voice and I was nearly compelled to weep. A touching tribute indeed.

In Conclusion: Maki Goto intended to make her comeback big, not just for her fans, but as a way to honor her mother. I am touched and inspired by the fact that she has overcome so many obstacles lately all the while managing to keep a good head on her shoulders. This mini-album is an absolute success.



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A Post No One Will Care About!

Thought I’d post my top 25 most played songs in iTunes as I am bored and like bragging about my music. Feel free to comment with your 25. Or something. Uhhh…. yeah.

By the way, a bit of news. My next review will be of a KOREAN artist! I’m so addicted to the rapper e.via that I thought she deserved a review of her own. Stay tuned for that.

Alisa’s Top 25 Most-Played Songs

1.) Rose of May – Nobuo Uematsu
2.) Must be Dreaming – Frou Frou
3.) Misery Business – Paramore (this song’s about me, I really think so)
4.) Ya Soshla S’Uma – T.A.T.U
5.) Nothing I Won’t Give – Vic Mignogna (Yeah, I know)
6.) Kimi ni Furu Zetsubou no Ame – XodiacK
7.) Journey – MEG
8.) Kingyo Hanabi – Ai Otsuka (favorite song EVER)
9.) Aisu x Time – Ai Otsuka with SU from Rip Slyme
10.) HEART – Ai Otsuka
11.) Alice – immi
12.) Fly Away – Maki Goto
13.) Ame no Hi Wa, No Thank You – Toru Okawa and Michiko Neya (Roy and Riza song!)
14.) The Boy is Mine – Brandy and Monica
15.) Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson
16.) Fast Car – Namie Amuro
17.) Planetarium – Ai Otsuka
18.) Mirror Ball – Aquamarry
19.) Suddenly – Gackt
20.) Physical Thing – Koda Kumi
21.) Crushcrushcrush – Paramore
22.) Copy That – Namie Amuro
23.) Come Away – Nini Camps
24.) One Night Magic – Utada Hikaru
25.) Hey! – e.via


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Early 2010 Report Card!

Don’t freak out. These opinions are subject to change, as it is only FEBRUARY for goodness sake. Here’s my opinions! Read them, comment on them, state your own opinions! Fun times!

In Detention: BoA, alan,  Ayumi Hamasaki, and Kumi Koda!

These girlies are selections for ASIAN MUSIC DELINQUENTS. Especially BoA. I’m mad at her. She has too much on her plate. I think before attempting world domination, she should try to maintain popularity in at least one country. She’s been falling out of favor everywhere, and she was just a blip on the American music radar. Asian artists never seem to cross over to American music well. This may be because many Americans are still convinced that Asia is a country rather than a massive continent. Uh… that was a little insensitive… gomen. Amid all the hoopla of trying to be super famous everywhere, BoA coughed up “Eien,” arguably her best song ever. I want more of that kind of stuff, not this messy “Identity” bullcrap. Chinese crossover alan has been working her butt off waaaay too much. TAKE A BREAK!!! WAAAAH! I’m okay with the fact that she has dabbled in electronica, more mainstream-styled pop, and the like but this is all we’ve been getting from her. She’s not Ayu, but she might as well be. I miss her more dramatic songs. That’s why I was so smitten with alan when she debuted in Japan. She was a fresh face and fresh talent who created art rather than just music. As for Ayu, I was disappointed with “You Were…/BALLAD.” It was uber weak. She needs to take it easy and stop cranking out double a-sides. This makes me feel like she’s rushing an album, and I’m sure that nobody wants another “NEXT LEVEL.” Kuu needs about a year’s worth of inactivity to redeem herself in my eyes. I’m sick of her.

Advanced Placement/Honor Roll: Namie Amuro, GACKT, and immi!

Namie didn’t do a lot last year. We got Wild/Dr. in March and PAST < FUTURE a zillion years later in December and that was it. I felt like the huge gap between releases built a greater anticipation for the album, allowed Namie plenty of time to create quality material, and kept her extreme popularity at the time from growing stale. I’m looking forward to her topping the charts some more this year. Oh, and is it just me or has she gotten prettier as she has aged? GACKT, unlike Namie, put out a crapload of singles last year. Maybe this annoyed you. Maybe you were irritated because RE:BORN didn’t have any new material on it. Still, you can’t deny that GACKT has so much thunder left in him that’s its not even a laughing matter. Even though he released a million singles last year, you can’t deny that it was all of great quality. Another thing about GACKT that makes me happy is the fact that he is having a lot of fun with this stage of his career and is experimenting with all sorts of musical styles. How else would we have gotten “Koakuma Heaven?” immi released the incredibly polished EPs “WONDER” and “ALICE” last year. She’s an electronica goddess with a great voice to boot. I have high expectations of her.

C-Students: Maki Goto and Ai Otsuka!

This ladies have the potential to be major flops or major hitmakers as this year progresses. Ai is releasing a double-a side in April. The first a-side, “Lucky Star” is already out and the PV dropped a couple days ago. It has a lot of promise as far as I’m concerned but others may see it differently. The PV is quite unorthodox and has a very Lady Gaga-feel to it. Seems like many artists are trying to use Gaga-inspired elements lately. Maki’s performance this year will be uncertain, due to her family tragedy. But, since her mother was her biggest fan, I hope Maki will channel the pain of her passing into new material. If she releases a lot of things this year, which is an iffy concept, I predict that she will break away from the straight R&B sound she has done with Sweet Black and focus on diverse musical styles.

The Drop-Out?: Utada Hikaru

OMG, where’s Hikki? I miss her so much! Please stop releasing terrible English music and make more stuffs like on “Ultra Blue!”

Well, there’s my long-winded speech about music and crap. Leave comments and your own report cards! By the way, before I go back to reviewing, I’ll be writing up a showcase of my favorite album filler tracks. Look forward to it!



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“Sweet Black” – Maki Goto

Say what you want, this crazy Pocahontas cover is the bomb!

Gocchin! I love this girl. Not only is she the most beautiful woman on Earth, but she’s a great artist too. Shame she just lost her mother. That really saddened me.

Track 1: Queen Bee (with Bigga Raiji) – Maki is indeed the Queen Bee! This song is a thumping, bling-toting kind of cruising beat! Unfortunately, Maki is accompanied by Bigga Raiji, who, if you couldn’t guess, is a very large man with an even larger voice. Seriously, who is this guy? I love this song, but he is so goofy sounding that I can’t take it seriously.

Track 2: Lady Rise- Oh Em Gee, yes! This song isn’t too long but its unbelievably sexy and catchy. Oh, and the PV is amazing. Maybe Maki does look like a dominatrix, but she is so beautiful. Loads of fun to watch AND listen to!

Track 3: Candy- When this album came out, this song got some mixed reviews. I think it is just an okay song. Its got an addicting beat and amazing vocals on the verses but the chorus is really awkward.

Track 4: Tear Drops (with KG)- It took a couple of listens for me to like this song. Maki and KG sound really nice together but Gocchin’s still the star. I love the instrumentals and the chorus of this song. Its reminiscent of Maki’s earlier song “Secret” which was another ballad that I adored.

Track 5: Mine (with Ken the 390)- Here we have the only track on this album that I disliked. This is like a sped-up, crapped up version of “Candy.” Ugh, the instrumentals are a mess and Maki has again plopped in a generic rapper who contributes nothing but lulz. Skip skip skip!

Track 6: Fly Away- This was Maki’s first Sweet Black song. In the verses, it seems to borrow elements from Koda Kumi’s “Taboo.” (dies from adoration of aforementioned song) The verses are dark and robotic while the choruses are uplifting and driven by some amazing piano. Best track on the album, hands down.

Track 7: Plastic Lover- I liked this song quite a bit, but its length is a bit excessive. Its got a lot of 80s styled synth and Maki sounds good.

Track 8: with…- I normally hate ballads but I love Maki ballads. This song is the epitome of bittersweet. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. The vocals are simple but the emotion within them seems genuine. Love it.

In Conclusion: I would recommend “Sweet Black” to anyone who likes mainstream music. Just about all of the tracks are well polished and catchy but there isn’t much that makes them unique. I’m glad to see Maki has grown up but remains classy as ever.



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