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“Gossip Candy” – Koda Kumi

This cover is enough to make me go "Lol Wut?"

This always seems to happen with Ayu and Kuu singles. They leak about a month before they are scheduled to come out. As expected, Koda Kumi’s “Gossip Candy” has leaked early, albeit in a terrible quality rip. iTunes is saying its in 320kbps, but I am definitely not buying that. At all.

Lollipop is your standard frustrated, hyper-sexualized Kumi tune that just makes you feel gross listening to it. I was hoping for something like “Taboo” but this song is nowhere near that level. This song is hot, I’m not denying that, but its just too hot, as in you can tell she is trying too hard to be sexy. When you have to try to be sexy, odds are you aren’t sexy. This is the case. I’m not bashing this song by any means, but I am disappointed to see what could have been an amazing summer song go down the toilet, so to speak.

Inside Fishbowl is probably my favorite song on the single. Its got the summer sound I was craving, and has a distinct 80s sound. It also reminds me of Puffy AmiYumi songs for some reason. Good job, Kuu! I don’t totally hate you now.

…is Outside Fishbowl the same song…?

For You is a ballad-ish thingy. Its got a good tempo, but Kuu has a plain terrible voice for ballads. The nearly six minute length didn’t help.

Kuu’s cover of Got to Be Real impressed me quite a bit. She has put a modern twist on a song that was already good to begin with.

In Conclusion: This single is an overall “meh” for me, but I can’t say much until I hear a rip that has a little bit more quality. I do wish that Kumi could rely a little bit less on her sex appeal, but that’s her image and I understand and respect that. To an extent. 😛



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