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“Faces Places” – globe


This review was requested by Donovon!

Let me go ahead and state this: “Faces Places” by globe was released in 1997. To most, the sound of this album will come across as very dated. I felt that as I listened to the album, but I also though that the album’s concept was quite fresh for THAT period in time.

The album relies on a couple of commonplace musical practices of the 1990s: acoustic guitars and heavy percussion.

Most of the tracks on the album are lengthy. However, it isn’t a bad kind of lengthy. As in, you aren’t listening to the same thing looping for 7+ minutes. Every track progresses. The music changes, the beat changes, the vocals go from a female singing to a male rapping. (remember, this is the 90s, so the rap is considerably smoother than the style we are used to today)

The best track on the album for me was “watch the movie.” I have no idea why I loved this track because there really isn’t any singing in it, but its a magnificent piece to lounge around and unwind with. It reminded me of the music that plays on the Local Forecast on the Weather Channel, something I have always had a strange obsession with.

In Conclusion: As I said earlier, this album would sound super old to many people because it IS super old, musically speaking. I appreciated this album greatly because I forced myself to ignore its age and simply think of it as music. Thank you, Donovon, for the suggestion.



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