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Rap Just Sounds Better in Korean

E.via is evil and completely psycho. In the best possible way.

I hadn’t really thought of it before, but there is just something about the Korean language that makes it sound totally amazing when it’s spoken rapidly. We all know that I’m not big on k-pop at all, but I do have a weakness for Korean rap. By the way, I always call it “Korean rap.” K-rap is too close to looking like “crap.” 😛

When this blog was still in its infancy, I reviewed e.via’s first mini-album (if you remember that). E.via is seriously cool because her image makes her like that creepy little girl in nearly every horror film who says something along the lines of “they’re heeeeeeeere” before some huge freak-o monster busts out of nowhere to kill everybody and their sister. Uh, yeah. E.via is very talented because she’s really fast with her rapping, and manages to hold onto a rhythm like the good ‘ol rappers back when it was about skill, not screaming pointless obscenities to a basic beat.

To further confirm my love for Korean rap, I recently discovered Love is War, a rap duet between Gilme and Outsider. Immediately, I was struck by Gilme’s ability to rap with emotion. She sounded… sad. I had never heard rap like that. As for Outsider, he can rap even faster than e.via, if that’s possible. I was so impressed with his flow! The song is truly epic.

I still don’t understand what it is about the Korean language, and I probably never will. I love that the excellence of Korean rap artists has helped me to lose my hatred for rap as a genre, though.

Do you have any favorite Korean rap songs?



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