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“World Wild 2010” – Saori@Destiny

As Keanu Reeves would say: "Whoa."

This review was requested by Selryam from What is Disco, the premier location for all things techno! Thank you for the request, and my apologies for taking 2-ish weeks to fulfill it…..

After an all-out war with my computer and its audio, I was FINALLY able to listen to this album! My computer suffered a devastating crash a couple months ago and my audio has been a touch wonky ever since. Enough about my problems.

How about this cover, yo!? This has got to be the trippiest cover I’ve ever seen and I can’t say how much I love it in words. Its psychedelic and wild for sure! I’m reminded of this cutscene from Family Guy, which just HAPPENS to be my favorite Family Guy moment in the history of ever. Does this give me a good feeling about this album? You bet your bottom dollar that it does!

So, I’m not going to even mention any of the older tracks on this album i.e. Ethnic Planet Survival, because I know that we j-tek fans have already played them to death and hear them in our sleep. I’m just being the nice, attractive (yeah right) blogger you all know and love and sparing y’all the agony of having to hear about “yesterday’s news.” Because I am that great. (Those songs all rock though, trust me.)

The titular track World Wild 2010 immediately drew me in because it lives up to its name.

World = I can hear influences from many other cultures in the song
Wild= The song is a hot mess, in a good way though
2010= Its got a modern sound

Saori’s voice is great because she doesn’t have the vocoder jammed down her throat. She really does have a pretty voice when its stripped down like that. She and MEG are the same in that respect.

How about Grotesque? This tune is anything but Grotesque! Its driven by a piano for the most part and it goes nicely along with some uber futuristic blips and bleeps. This is a one of a kind song and for sure the standout track on this album. When I think Saori@Destiny, this is going to be the song that comes to mind. I encourage anyone with functioning ears to listen to this song. Then force your family, friends, pets, and local hobos to listen to it. I swear. This song is so ridiculously amazing that it could stop criminals and global warming if played loud enough. Possibly.
Now I know I’ve ranted for about the entire lifespan of a fruit fly about this track, but its just that awesome.

Prism is also a noteworthy track because it is a techno ballad. You don’t hear those two terms blended together often. Saori makes it work.

In Conclusion: World Wild 2010 is the album that changed my opinion on Saori@Destiny forever. She went from “just another of the 6,000,988,762,496,291,003 artists who covered Denki Groove’s ‘Shangri-La’” to a unique techno goddess who should be recognized. Shame on you, Alisa, for not realizing this sooner! Thanks again, Selryam, for your request!

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“Nude Lumiere” – Dahlia

The content is just as classy as the cover

Do you ever have days where you just feel plain ugly? I mean, those kind of days when you feel like EVERYONE else is better than you in every way? This album helps to quell those little falters in self-esteem, or at least it does for me.

“Nude Lumiere” by electropop unit Dahlia was produced by Jeereen Lee from the ah-may-zeeng Korean lounge group Humming Urban Stereo. This explains the outstanding chill vibes and classy sounds in the album, but the whispering melodies provided by vocalist Kaori sets this apart from the rest of Humming Urban’s work.

I’ve been listening to this album a TON lately, and it really does make me feel like I’m that typical mystery woman in a 1940s nightclub. The songs are all a great tribute to those early days, when sensuality was more than just hyper-sexualized women gyrating over the back of a Range Rover. The best songs on the album are the seductive tango Fetish ~piel~, and Little Black Dress, the perfect song for getting ready for the perfect date. Lotus has some brilliant piano and is a great tune for an early evening drive.

This album is not without its flaws. It, like most episodes of Family Guy, starts out great but loses its thunder by the end. (Sorry, almighty Seth MacFarlane.) The final two tracks, Smoke and Hey Baby feel like they don’t even belong among the others. I would advise you just skip them.

In Conclusion: The vintage flair added to the modern lounge sound of “Nude Lumiere” makes it a great listen. As I stated earlier, it makes my poor self-esteem a little better because this is the kind of music that makes you (at least) feel attractive.

Listen to Little Black Dress on my favorite Youtube channel, Aleceil! Let me know what you think!



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