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Rap Just Sounds Better in Korean

E.via is evil and completely psycho. In the best possible way.

I hadn’t really thought of it before, but there is just something about the Korean language that makes it sound totally amazing when it’s spoken rapidly. We all know that I’m not big on k-pop at all, but I do have a weakness for Korean rap. By the way, I always call it “Korean rap.” K-rap is too close to looking like “crap.” 😛

When this blog was still in its infancy, I reviewed e.via’s first mini-album (if you remember that). E.via is seriously cool because her image makes her like that creepy little girl in nearly every horror film who says something along the lines of “they’re heeeeeeeere” before some huge freak-o monster busts out of nowhere to kill everybody and their sister. Uh, yeah. E.via is very talented because she’s really fast with her rapping, and manages to hold onto a rhythm like the good ‘ol rappers back when it was about skill, not screaming pointless obscenities to a basic beat.

To further confirm my love for Korean rap, I recently discovered Love is War, a rap duet between Gilme and Outsider. Immediately, I was struck by Gilme’s ability to rap with emotion. She sounded… sad. I had never heard rap like that. As for Outsider, he can rap even faster than e.via, if that’s possible. I was so impressed with his flow! The song is truly epic.

I still don’t understand what it is about the Korean language, and I probably never will. I love that the excellence of Korean rap artists has helped me to lose my hatred for rap as a genre, though.

Do you have any favorite Korean rap songs?



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“Motiphie Meets e.via” – e.via

No, this is not a member of Morning Musume, Wonder Girls, Kara, or the like. She's quite the opposite, actually.

Rather than my usual track-by-track review style, I think I am going to try another format. Let’s see how that goes.

Hey, wait just a second! Hmmm! Do you think the Koreans mislabeled this CD? I mean, there’s an adorable girl on the cover but it says you’ve gotta be 19 to buy this! (the red circle in the top left hand corner of the image is like the Korean version of the Parental Advisory label, in a sense. A little stricter, but you get the comparison, right?) I can understand you being baffled if you’ve never heard of e.via, so I’ll explain it to you.

She’s a rapper.

Yeah, you read that right. e.via is a relatively new Korean rapper who is catching quite a bit of attention for her cute image.

“Wait a minute, Alisa. I thought you weren’t big on Korean music OR rap. Why the heck are you listening to this stuff?”  If you’re asking that, then you’ll be glad to know that I’m just as confused as you are. But, somehow I’m drawn to e.via and her music. Maybe its because its so STRANGE that a girl who looks like is a rapper who got her music restricted in Korea!

If you’re not familiar with e.via’s history, I’ll make a long story short. She debuted last June with her album “e.via AKA Happy E.vil.” She immediately got a lot of attention, and it wasn’t long before one of her songs, “Oppa Can I Do It?” was banned from radio play. I have not seen any translation of her lyrics so I am unsure of the content which got her banned. It must have been something objectionable though. “Motiphie Meets evia” is her latest work, released last August. It has one new song and remastered and remixed versions of some of her older stuff. My favorite song of her’s and probably her most popular simply titled “Hey!” is given a total face-lift, obliterating the ghastly, carnival-sounding music playing in the background in the original. This version is a thousand times better, in my opinion. The other songs are done amazingly well and all the remixes are better than their album counterparts.

So, I never explained exactly why I like e.via, besides her cuteness of course. I have to say that it is because her rap is of great quality. It is a nice tip of the hat to the early days of rap, when songs were more about the rhythm, rather than ranting about violence, drugs, women, and money. e.via has an outstanding sense of rhythm. Her songs have a similar pattern in which near the middle of the song, it speeds up and she raps extremely fast without faltering. I was blown away by her speed and skill.

In Conclusion: Skip over e.via’s first album and give “Motiphie Meets e.via” a listen to get a real feel for her style. I guarantee that even if you aren’t big on rap or Korean stuff, she will change your mind. I love e.via, and its about darn time she released something new!



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I Forsee Much Procrastination…

Ohhh crap.

I’m innocent! Blame my fiance for this! It is his fault if this holy grail of video gaming causes any absences from the blog world.

I’ll try to get to work on that e.via review… just as soon as I get my Spinarak up another level…



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A Post No One Will Care About!

Thought I’d post my top 25 most played songs in iTunes as I am bored and like bragging about my music. Feel free to comment with your 25. Or something. Uhhh…. yeah.

By the way, a bit of news. My next review will be of a KOREAN artist! I’m so addicted to the rapper e.via that I thought she deserved a review of her own. Stay tuned for that.

Alisa’s Top 25 Most-Played Songs

1.) Rose of May – Nobuo Uematsu
2.) Must be Dreaming – Frou Frou
3.) Misery Business – Paramore (this song’s about me, I really think so)
4.) Ya Soshla S’Uma – T.A.T.U
5.) Nothing I Won’t Give – Vic Mignogna (Yeah, I know)
6.) Kimi ni Furu Zetsubou no Ame – XodiacK
7.) Journey – MEG
8.) Kingyo Hanabi – Ai Otsuka (favorite song EVER)
9.) Aisu x Time – Ai Otsuka with SU from Rip Slyme
10.) HEART – Ai Otsuka
11.) Alice – immi
12.) Fly Away – Maki Goto
13.) Ame no Hi Wa, No Thank You – Toru Okawa and Michiko Neya (Roy and Riza song!)
14.) The Boy is Mine – Brandy and Monica
15.) Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson
16.) Fast Car – Namie Amuro
17.) Planetarium – Ai Otsuka
18.) Mirror Ball – Aquamarry
19.) Suddenly – Gackt
20.) Physical Thing – Koda Kumi
21.) Crushcrushcrush – Paramore
22.) Copy That – Namie Amuro
23.) Come Away – Nini Camps
24.) One Night Magic – Utada Hikaru
25.) Hey! – e.via


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