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This Next One Is Full Of Filler!

OMG, I have been unbearably lazy in my dealings with this blog. For that, I’m truly sorry. I promise I’m not leaving, okay?

Filler. Its a word we usually consider to be bad. Its an episode of a television show that adds nothing to the plot. Watch any episode of Yu-Gi-Oh and you’ll get filler. Its a song that adds nothing to the flow of an album. It can be a boring song. It can be a song that’s so bad that you’re like “holy crap, where’s my SNES? I hope I still have that copy of Shaq Fu lying around because I’d rather play it than listen to this crap.” Pick up any Kuu album and you’ll get this kind of filler. (Kuu bashing! Ohhh! …sorry…) But I digress.

What I am trying to grasp at through stupid drawn-out references is that filler tracks on albums can sometimes be a saving grace, don’t you think? I’ve come to learn that.

As you may know, my next post is going to be a showcase of my favorite filler tracks, and for that I turn to you, my readers. I want to try and get as many responses to this post as possible, so tell your friends! Yes! Go forth and shamelessly plug my blog!

Anyway, I’d like you all to comment here with your favorite album filler songs. Tell me why you love them so much. I want this to be a fun project to bring all of us j-music bloggers together. I’m a revolution, aren’t I?



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