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Happy Birthday, GACKT!

July 4th. What do you think of on this day?
Stuffing your face with barbequed porkchops, fried fish, corn on the cob, watermelon?
Fireworks blossoming across the night sky?

While you’re listening to that particularly creative playlist you just made on your iPod containing practically every song with the word “hanabi” in the title, don’t forget to think about one of the most influential artists in the world.

GACKT is 37 years old today! He definitely appears to be in great shape despite being hospitalized twice and counting over the past month. GACKT isn’t just a musician, he’s a lifestyle. An artist. A symbol within himself. An icon. A genuine person.

Thank you, GACKT, for inspiring with your music and making me feel a little better about being alive. Happy birthday, and many more!

Happy birthday! Please don't eat that guitar. We'll get you some cake and yellow fried chickenz.




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Chris’ Birthday!

Sorry for the inactivity…. Today is my fiance’s birthday! Yaaaay! I should have my next review up tomorrow. Take care!



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