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Font-strosities: How Ugly Fonts Ruin Good Music

As promised, credit to Jin from Sora to Kujira for partial inspiration on this post.

It occurred to me that because we are brats and snobs, a lot of our faith in an album hinges on its cover artwork. Crazy, right? But you have to know its true. We nitpick covers like mad because they are normally the first part of an album or single you see. You get the cover long before you get the music. Thus, we tend to prejudge whether or not the release will be good or not depending on the cover. You can deny it all you want, but it happens.

While we wait for the release, we have nothing better to do than to criticize the covers for all they are worth. We critique the outfits, the hair, the cosmetics, the angle of photography, the facial expressions, the font. I’ve noticed font becoming a big issue lately on forums and other blogs and I can understand why. The text is what tells us “hey, this is a release by so-and-so!” Font is important! I’m assembled a collection of just a few covers with fonts that don’t even look good enough for MS Paint.

South Wind, a release from Sayaka Minami. (she was a member of BeForU, if you remember them)

Angel Trip by VAMPS

VAMPS are like the poster children for terrible fonts. Its a real shame because I like their music but their covers leave a lot to be desired. With the weird colored, massive text on this single, it takes away from the lovely lady with wings. I think this cover would have been better if the focus was on the woman, not the text.

Love Letter by Ai Otsuka

Allow me to beat a dead horse by rambling about this cover. Besides it being completely colorless, the font seems awkward and out of place. Poor Ai. Does anyone care about her anymore?

And now for the most infamous font of all time:

This Is the One (no it isn't) by Utada Hikaru

Auuuugh, take it away! Take it away! If this album wasn’t predestined for failure enough, it was given a cover like this.

When asked for comments on the preceding album covers, Roy Mustang provided us with this face.

Now, its your turn! Share with me some album covers with awful fonts! Do you agree or disagree with the covers I’ve posted? Is Roy Mustang ridiculously awesome yet irrelevant to this post? Also, share with me some covers with fonts that you liked!



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“Angel Trip” – VAMPS

Angel Trip is the newest single by VAMPS. It is, I think, the follow-up to their last single Devil Side. That would only make sense, right?

I didn’t enjoy Devil Side. Partly because I didn’t like the lyrics. Partly because the song itself was forgettable. Mostly because I can’t stand Hyde’s English. I’m so mean.

Angel Trip redeemed VAMPS for me. Its an upbeat, positive song that reeks of summertime. When the song starts, the energetic guitar and drums make you want to go “wooo!” I actually did say “wooo!” With 3 o’s. I counted. Haha.

If you can look past Hyde’s terrible English (and his Captain Jack Sparrow + Blonde look in the PV.. ugh..) this song is a blast and the kind of song you’d listen to when driving to the beach or any vacation really. It’s the kind of song you’d blast when you are only minutes away from your destination. I’m loving the energy of this song. Plus its Hyde, dang it.

I can hardly wait for the third installment in this series by VAMPS which is titled Purgatory Fun Land! I’m only joking.

As for the other song… meh. I’m tired. Let me go to sleep, okay? 😛


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