Prepare the Barf Bags

Hey, all. While I have a free moment, I’d like to apologize again for not existing. Well, I mean, I do in fact exist. Just not in the blogosphere right now.

I really wanted to share with all of you this image I found. I think it may possibly be the ugliest, most disturbing album cover I’ve ever seen.

Part of me wants to burn my eyes out for looking at it, but another part of me wants to listen to this crap because I just KNOW it’s messed up as all heck.




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Mortal Poll

Finally! Here are the results from the last poll!
Morning Musume Losing 3 Members won by just one vote!

I’m actually inclined to agree. While D’espairsRay’s hiatus is sad, we can rest our faith in the fact that they will return eventually. The three members of MoMusu aren’t coming back, and that’s sad!

My next poll is all about Mortal Kombat, the hobby I’ve taken up while waiting for releases that are worth my time. I’ve listed my favorite characters. Out of those, pick which one you like best! Have fun!



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“Crisis Moment” – Merry

Seems like it has to take something massive to get me to post. Well, here's your massive thing.

With school, work, and an obvious decline in musical releases, (or the quality of them, rather) I’ve really had no time or reason to blog. I am confused, though, as to what on Earth has happened with Japanese music. From the start of the year to the middle of the summer artists were constantly releasing strong singles. Now what? Has everyone fallen under some anesthesia and gone into hibernation? Where’s the good stuff, yo?

Thankfully, Merry came along to pull me out of my slump, as well as prevent me from questioning my faith in J-rock. (something I would hopefully never do) After the The Cry Against…/Monochrome My fiance and I had our interests piqued. His more so than mine, because I’m such a dang skeptic.

The first time I heard Crisis Moment I was ready to skip it after about ten seconds. Why? Because I’m a skeptic! The song starts out really slow and tender, then there’s a ton of screaming. Then it gets all touchy-feely again. THEN, the chorus!

What saves this jumbled mess of a song is its outstanding chorus. I’m really digging Gara’s voice because it’s so unorthodox for j-rock. Normally, you expect some deep, authoritarian, booming, Shao Kahn (sorry, I’ve been playing way too much Mortal Kombat) voice, but Gara’s got a much higher pitch and I can appreciate this diversity. The chorus of Crisis Moment is explosive, angry, and beautiful at the same time. It has a well developed melody as well, instead of just “hey guys, let’s play our instruments as loud as we can and see what happens.”

My only complaint with the song is its length. Merry seems to be terrified of stretching anything past four minutes. Crisis
Moment clocks in at three minutes and fifteen seconds. This is not enough time for the song to establish the links between the mellow and brutal parts so it seems a little forced. In j-pop songs, a 3:15 song is fine because not much change happens. In typical j-rock, you expect to be taken on a music journey of sorts. I would compare Crisis Moment to a roller coaster. You coast up a big hill, go down the hill at warp speed, some messed up crap happens that you barely remember, then its over and you have to go back again just to discern what just happened. Okay, convoluted analogy is over.

Don’t get me wrong, Crisis Moment is the best j-rock song I’ve heard for a while and I’m glad for that. I just would have wished for a little more organization. (as in, MAKE IT LONGER!)

Fleeting Prayer is an entire minute longer than Crisis Moment and a ghostly feel to it. It doesn’t have as sharp or extreme changes as Crisis Moment, but it’s worth listening to. I appreciate that obvious effort was taken with this song. You don’t see a lot of effort put into b-sides normally so this is a refreshing piece.

Finally, we get the unplugged version of Crisis Moment Eeeeeew. This song was not meant to be like this. It’s slow, boring, and should be skipped. Gara sounds terrible and the whole thing is just terrible. Sorry to be a total song-basher but this song made me want to bicycle kick a wall.

In Conclusion: Merry certainly delivered with Crisis Moment. To me, it’s their best single yet and builds off of the epic-ness that their last single had. It’s nice to see growth in a band I’ve overlooked for the longest time. Highly recommended!


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New Poll? It Must Be My Birthday!

^Not yet… My birthday is in 15 days, though. What are you buying me? No, seriously.

I can’t recall if I gave the results of my last poll. If I did, I’ll go ahead and give them again just to rub it in people’s faces. Morning Musume won! Yeah, you can take that, AKB48. Eat that for breakfast. You lose.

New poll is up. Enjoy. Who knows how long this one is going to run. I’m just soooo lazy; and the fact that I’m admitting it to my readers could prove fatal. Um… Back to my research paper. Take it easy, music buddies.


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HIZUMI Screamed “Death Point” One Time Too Many

Click here for the source of my heartbreak.

D’espairsray will be going on an indefinite hiatus due to problems with vocalist HIZUMI’s vocal cords. They will finish their D’espairsRay World Tour 2010 Human-clad Monsters but after that, all activities are going to be suspended.

Though it’s sad, you have to support the band for acting in HIZUMI’s best interest. Hopefully he can get some treatment and we can get back to watching tripods get kicked over.

Best wishes!


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Capitalizing on Capitalization: How AYABIE Became Case “Sensitive”

It looks like the coup d’etat isn’t simply a strategy practiced on the battlefield. It also exists among the realm of Visual Kei. In a strange, convoluted, and seemingly bitter past few weeks, the band Ayabie has been through all kinds of twists and turns. Through disbanding, and rejoining without the leader, Aoi as AYABIE (caps make all the difference, folks. Ask GACKT.) the band has pulled a sneaky, sneaky move indeed. In articles I’ve read, the band is made out to be the villain in this situation. But could Aoi be the culprit instead? Please discuss here!

(and feel free to correct any factual mistakes I may have made in this post)



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The Polls Are Back :)

This week’s poll is courtesy of my dear Jinny, who I rather selfishly excluded from all my previous polls. Thank you for the idea, Jin! By the way, everyone had better vote for Morning Musume or I’ll never approve your comments again. Just kidding. Or am I? Yeah, I am.



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