Upcoming: Best of 2010 Countdown!

I am hoping that I can complete this long-awaited post before New Years, but considering how impossible work has been lately (who knew so many people need lotion!) I’m unsure if I can finish it on time!

The Countdown will consist of my top twenty songs from 2010. I’m also going to showcase the artist who impressed me the most in 2010, and the artist who disappointed me the most. (cough, Girugamesh) Here’s where you all come in. If there is any other field you would like to see me dissect, post it here or tweet me. Any suggestions are welcome and I’ll try my best to include it!

2010 was a beast of a year as far as music goes. I can’t wait to share my thoughts with all of you!


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5 responses to “Upcoming: Best of 2010 Countdown!

  1. Selryam

    Oh, god, not gonna lie, I would die if there were a section for music videos. But maybe it’s just me.

  2. Sounds good!

    I would like to you see make a short list (Top 5) of your favorite Albums, and Singles for the year.

    Also, if there were any really memorable album cover artworks, or music videos, then tell us about those too. 😉

  3. Cannot wait to see your top 20! ^^

  4. Top 10 for male artists/groups and top 10 for female artists/groups. Top 10 singles/albums/best-ofs/tie-ins. Top 10 PVs. Top 10 fashion statements (good/bad). Just giving suggestions here.

  5. Hey girl! I just posted up the first part of my REVIEW. =D

    Only a month more of posts to go! HAHAHAHAHAH *cough cough* HA!

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