D Gives up J-Rock, Goes LARPing in the Woods

Meanwhile, in the world of live action role play.... never mind, guys. It's just another Visual Kei PV shoot.

When I heard the thirty-second promo for In the Name of Justice, I just knew it was going to be pure visual love! Thankfully, my premonitions were spot-on.

Oh my gosh, people. Listen to this song. Forget about your homework. Forget about your jobs. Nobody cares about that stuff. Seriously. Go listen to this song.

Okay, maybe I should give you reasons to listen to this song first. That might help. You think? In the Name of Justice has everything I loved from last year’s Nocturnal, which was an absolute BEAST of a song. Catchy chorus, blazing guitar riffs, and Asagi belting his VK heart out. I complained earlier this year that I didn’t feel that Asagi was giving his all in his vocal performances. No more of that! He sounds boss, and that’s what I like.

The one heartbreaking issue that made me pout was that there was no instrumental version included on the single. I would have loved to hear the amazing bass line in the song a little better. Hats of to you, Mr. Tsunehito, for a wonderful job! Why don’t more people pay attention to the bass? It’s clearly the best instrument ever.

A final point I feel needs to be raised has virtually nothing to do with the quality of the single. I’m so happy with D for staying true to their image. Note this version of the cover:

Asagi is wearing his trademark red contact lenses! Sure, this may seem like a minute detail to you, but it’s important to me that the band keeps on shredding the way they always have. Go, D!

After a shaky start that even the most hardcore of fans were skeptical of (ahem ahem, me included) D is closing the year with a fantastic single. I’m pumped for the release of VAMPIRE SAGA in January!


Keep watching this blog for upcoming reviews of SID’s Ranbu no Melody and Save the One, Save the All by the one and only T.M. Revolution!


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3 responses to “D Gives up J-Rock, Goes LARPing in the Woods

  1. Great review. I actually haven’t got to get it yet and listen to it, but I will soon! I already knew it was going to be epic. Their one of my top 10 favorite bands ^^
    Glad your back, your title made me go “tee hee hee” out loud no joke XD

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say that I am glad to see you back to posting, and also glad that you jumped back in with this. I’ve been looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the single since it came out (sadly, I must admit that I didn’t get your message about jobs etc being pitiful, squarish irritants in comparison to the importance of listening to this release, and it’s taken me too long to get this one on max volume).
    Also, let me congratulate you on your title. I think I’ve been outdone. 😉
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to whatever else you have lined up.
    Take it easy.

  3. Glad you liked the single, it was definitely good and the review was right on everything. Nice of you to mention the bass, honestly, with all the songs I listen to I try to pay attention to the bass but my ears seem to be having difficulty (wonder if there’s something wrong with them), but maybe it’s because the sound of the bass is very low. Anyways, glad you’re back and I’ll be adding you to my blogroll.

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