Prepare the Barf Bags

Hey, all. While I have a free moment, I’d like to apologize again for not existing. Well, I mean, I do in fact exist. Just not in the blogosphere right now.

I really wanted to share with all of you this image I found. I think it may possibly be the ugliest, most disturbing album cover I’ve ever seen.

Part of me wants to burn my eyes out for looking at it, but another part of me wants to listen to this crap because I just KNOW it’s messed up as all heck.



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4 responses to “Prepare the Barf Bags

  1. Badymaru

    I just had a similar experience the other day. But I think my image was a lot worse. ::has flashbacks:: @.@;;;

  2. haha, like that would captivate a person’s attention so much that they would buy the album lolz

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