Capitalizing on Capitalization: How AYABIE Became Case “Sensitive”

It looks like the coup d’etat isn’t simply a strategy practiced on the battlefield. It also exists among the realm of Visual Kei. In a strange, convoluted, and seemingly bitter past few weeks, the band Ayabie has been through all kinds of twists and turns. Through disbanding, and rejoining without the leader, Aoi as AYABIE (caps make all the difference, folks. Ask GACKT.) the band has pulled a sneaky, sneaky move indeed. In articles I’ve read, the band is made out to be the villain in this situation. But could Aoi be the culprit instead? Please discuss here!

(and feel free to correct any factual mistakes I may have made in this post)




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4 responses to “Capitalizing on Capitalization: How AYABIE Became Case “Sensitive”

  1. Jin

    Guh, I dunno much of the details but all I have to say is that I’m kinda ticked off. :l

    Ayabie happened to be the ~only~ visual group that I listened to and then they go and break up. >_> FML~

    I listened to Aoi’s solo single and I cared nothing for it. Totally different from his work as a group.

  2. I don’t really follow Ayabie/AYABIE/Aoi (god dammit they’ve made this so difficult), but since they’ve announced this without any from Aoi, they’re going to need a lot of luck and a killer publicist to help clean things up. You just can’t really announce things like this in this manner without it stirring up some kind of backlash and controversy, whether or not it was a mutual decision between both parties.

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