“Makenai Kokoro” – AAA

Thank you, Ven, for your patience! Same for everyone else.

I’ll tell you right now, between school and work, I’m wiped. I could go into full detail and whine a lot to play up the drama but I won’t. It’s unfortunate but it seems as though I’ll be limiting my activity for a while. No, I’m not talking about a hiatus, and I’m especially not talking about closing down the blog. For now, though, it looks like the bulk of my activity is going to take place on the weekends. I guess we take what we get, right?

If this cover oddly reminds you of Perfume’s Triangle album, please comment so I won’t feel all alone in the world.

Usually AAA songs make me want to dance. What I liked about Makenai Kokoro is that it keeps the dance sound to minimum and instead showcases the vocals. It showed me that this isn’t purely a dance group, but that these people are actually talented singers and rappers. There was something about the way this song was performed that I liked. I think it was the way that the female singers held their notes in places. The rap was energetic and my only wish is that there had been a little more of it.

For everything I loved about Makenai Kokoro, I loved ten times more in Day by Day. It’s bouncy guitar pop, more centered around the male vocals. That was a cool aspect to this single; that the females were more prominent in the first track and the males were more prominent here. It’s like the flip-side of a very shiny yen coin.

WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~ is a reggae-type song that I couldn’t get into. It’s a neat “end-of-summer” feeling set to music, but I couldn’t find myself yearning for a second listen.

In Conclusion: Success! AAA did a great job with this single. I liked it much better as a whole than the last one. A nice listen!



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5 responses to ““Makenai Kokoro” – AAA

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  2. Febry

    I love Day By Day so much….it’s refreshing and fun at the same time, even i don’t know what it means 😛

    Makenai Kokoro is better when you watch the MV. Love their dance here.

    And like you said, this single is much much better than their latest single before.

  3. haha 1st of all about Wow War Tonight, I personally thought they did a great job…
    After all, it is a cover of some pretty old but popular reggae song…

    Yess tk produced that too XD
    But that could probably explain why you couldn’t dig it too. LOL.

    haha your comment reminds me of my own…cause I’ll be honest…I liked Makenai but I wasn’t like IN LOVE with it. I actually commented that everything I found lacking in makenai, I found in day by day. ❤
    Because to fans especially, day by day is like old school AAA but even BIGGER.
    Which is why that song is soo up there for me in terms of *favourite AAA songs* heehee. Don't you think it sounds like a bonfire song? hahaha.

    Maybe its just me, the crazy fan, but the first time I listened to it, I actually got gooesebumps listening to the chorus…it just gave me this really warm feeling…But I suppose that's cause I already like them a lot…but Day by Day is definitely one of the AAA songs that impacted me a lot…=D

    Anyhoww I'm glad you liked this single!! 😉

  4. The cover does have that certain triangle feel to it. I’ve heard of them, but I have never listened to them and since you wrote this review, I’ll check them out

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