“Nancy” – SKULL

Welcome back to me, and welcome back to SKULL! This band was introduced to me by Toshi San and I definitely appreciate it. Gaining insight on new VK bands is what I’m all about.

I’m going to probably step on some toes and hurt some feelings when I say that I wasn’t very fond of Nancy. The guitar and the rest of the instruments were great, but I didn’t feel like the vocals matched the intensity of the song and for that I couldn’t really take it seriously. This is one of those songs I will probably have but rarely listen to.

I did, however, find JUMPIT to be really interesting. It’s a fine blend of all sorts of musical elements which come together to make some weird messy thing that works. I would recommend this song to anyone with a varied taste in music, such as myself.

In Conclusion: I didn’t like this single as much as SKULL’s last effort, but they are still a band I’m going to keep up with. I pretty much have to if I’m going to have Toshi San as a friend. 😉


AAA’s new single will be reviewed next, hopefully in the next couple of days. Ven, you have my permission to begin your cartwheels now.



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4 responses to ““Nancy” – SKULL

  1. lol :p It’s ok my Toe’s are fine, I appreciate your non bias reviews xD!

    I agree about the vocals even though I love SIN-sama to death and back, and also he seemed kind of low like some one turned down the volume on him D:

    I agree the last single was better, but “JUMP IT” I think is well worth getting it for.

    Thank you for the review 🙂 I enjoyed it.

    • After listening to JUMPIT a couple more times it has grown on me more and more. I don’t dislike SIN as a vocalist, but I felt like he wasn’t giving it his all in Nancy which was disappointing. They’ll get back on the horse with their next single for sure!

  2. As soon as I saw that Parental Advisory label on the cover, it made me think that it was a rap release until I looked at the J-rock tag you put below, lol 😉

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