Jessica Tyler Makes Me “Believe” in Teen Pop Music

With a fresh face, bubbly attitude, and obvious love for Eric Carle’s picture books, Jessica Tyler may look like your average teenage girl. That being said, Jessica Tyler is your average teenage girl.

If you’re a loser like me and have been keeping up with Season 10 of Degrassi, you’ll see Jessica playing the boyfriend-stealing musically inclined cheerleader Jenna Middleton. Though Jenna is a character most people love to hate, (I’ve always loved her, and that’s not just because Jenna happens to be one of my favorite girls’ names ever either.) Degrassi fans probably all agree that Jessica is a pretty cool person in real life. Plus, she is naturally drop-dead gorgeous without having to slather herself with God-knows-what mess of makeup.

Apart from her career on Degrassi, Jessica has her own musical career as well, granted that most of her songs have appeared on the show. Her song Believe struck me as brilliant for some odd reason. Take a listen.

What I liked about this song is that it’s innocent and honest, without layering on any of that gimmicky bull crap you find with Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber. The song’s not spectacular, but it doesn’t try to be either, which is a refreshing concept to find in English-language music especially.

I just thought I would show some love for Jessica, as well as defend her character Jenna from all the haters. I’ll be back to reviewing Asian music tomorrow. Look for my write-up of SKULL’s new single tomorrow night. Finally! I know Toshi San is just chomping at the bit to read that one.

It’s great to be back.




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