Poll Results Are Here! Also, I’m Not Dead.

This week I asked my readers to vote on which song they felt was more overrated. “Overrated” seemed to be an insensitive choice of words on my part. The winner was Vanilla by GACKT. (15 votes) Ready Steady Go by L’arc got 11 votes, so the poll was pretty close.

No poll this week, as I’m simply too tired to even breathe on my own and have no ideas. If you’d like, leave a comment with a good poll idea. I’d especially like to extend this invitation to my readers who are probably fed up with my j-rock polls. *ahem Jin ahem cough cough* 🙂

I should have a new review up Monday. I’d just like to thank you all for bearing with me and dealing with my absence. I hope to be back in the swing soon.




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2 responses to “Poll Results Are Here! Also, I’m Not Dead.

  1. oh noes no new poll xD. ah well glad to see your ok. Have you listen to the SKULL songs i sent you yet? xD

  2. Jin

    Hmm… A poll idea… How about an AKB48 vs Momusu poll? o:

    I’d do it on my blog, but MM will obviously win due to the kinds of readers I get. xD

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