Poll Results Will Never Be The Same

The winner of my “Funniest Viral Video” poll was Jessi Slaughter! If you didn’t vote for Jessi, then “you dun goof’d.”

My new polls pits GACKT and Hyde against each other all over again. This time, I’m wondering which song is more overrated: Vanilla or Ready Steady Go. Don’t get me wrong, both songs are fantastic but it peeves me endlessly when people only know GACKT as “the guy who did Vanilla” or Hyde as “the guy who did Ready Steady Go.” I can’t tell you how many times… ugh.

Happy voting!




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9 responses to “Poll Results Will Never Be The Same

  1. Julnyes

    I don’t think either song is overrated, but as a HUGE L’Arc~en~Ciel fan I do think RSG is overplayed. It is the theme song to a show, so people who are into anime always know that one song at least and it seems like L’Arc feels like they have to play it at every performance. I would be happy if it was retired from live performances.

    I am actually more bothered by people treating L’Arc like some back up band to Hyde or people who seem to only like Hyde and Gackt because they want to see them make out with each other — that really annoys me.

    • I’ve had similar feeling about L’arc as well. If they were a back up band, it would be called “Hyde and L’arc~en~Ciel.” But that isn’t so. Hyde is just a part of the band. The band is not part of Hyde. It frustrates me too and I’m glad you mentioned it.

  2. I agree with Julnyes. Both are masterful classics in their own right, and to say they’re “overrated” would be implying that they don’t deserve the renown they get. However, I do think that both songs have earned recognition for, perhaps, the wrong reasons. RSG is, as Julnyes stated, a theme song to a popular anime, and is the reason most shallow Jrock fans think L’arc is the only band that exists, and thus, that RSG is the only song worth listening to. To that I can only say, open your eyes and ears. Not only within Jrock, but within the great, wide world of L’arc-en-Ciel.
    Many Jrockers, myself included, will agree that Vanilla has been enshrined in their aural chapels as one of the introductory GACKTese epics that spurred an addiction to the genre that now owns every spectral ounce of my soul. That said, it is also possibly the most distorted Jrock song ever, being popularized seemingly less by true fans who are pumped about the incredible bassline and general groove that’s catchier than malaria in monsoon season, and more so by the fans you were dissing earlier who only see the blatant sexuality of the song. Raciness is often a cause for explosive popularity, that I won’t deny. However, popularize a song because it simply rocks– GACKT sings dirty songs. Get over it.

    • Such a…righteous comment. 🙂

      I can remember (because if you recall, L’arc was my first Japanese music experience outside of DDR) thinking L’arc was the only j-rock band in the world at one point too. It’s funny how narrow we can be sometimes.

  3. Never heard of “Vanilla Dream”; I know GACKT through “Redemption”.

    “READY, STEADY, GO” is amazing and my fav FMA intro. ^____^

  4. Jin

    Argh I can’t vote in this poll. -o-

    I demand a C-ute vs Berryz Kobo poll! >:D

  5. kenryoku

    I honestly can’t choose between the 2 🙂

    I’m thinking more of ‘overplayed’ (as Julnyes pointed out) rather than ‘overrated’ as those 2 tend to be the banner songs for Gackt and L’Arc~en~Ciel.

    Ready Steady Go was one of the first L’Arc songs I’ve heard and I seriously didn’t like it. It was only after I listened to their other stuff (especially the non-anime related) that I became a fan.

    Vanilla introduced me to Gackt. Funny because I still remember the first time I heard it: almost 4 years ago, in my room at 3AM. Wasn’t able to sleep afterwards. The song has remained a guilty pleasure since then.

    It’s lamentable if both L’Arc and Gackt would be most known by those songs alone as in my opinion, RSG and Vanilla are hardly the best representatives of each artists’ respective discography.

  6. I voted for GACKT. Wow, you really love GACKT don’t you?

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