Happy 6 Month Anniversary to Sakurayume!

I'm treating myself to some ice cream!

Sakurayume was launched on February 9, 2010. I just noticed that today marks my 6 month anniversary as a blogger. I just wanted to thank everyone who has read, contributed, and inspired me. I think my readers and the unforgettable friends I’ve made along the way have kept me here so long. Thank you all for your kindness! Let’s hope I last another 6 months… and 6 months after that… and…




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23 responses to “Happy 6 Month Anniversary to Sakurayume!

  1. Let me congratulate you on six very successful months of blogging. It’s been fun following your blog as it has developed and matured into what it is now…keep up the good work!
    I’m glad to know you in the blogsphere, and looking forward to all the great posts that are sure to come.

  2. congrats, hope u go for a full year ^_^

  3. kenryoku

    Happy 6th month anniversary! Your site is very refreshing. Don’t mind if I lounge around here πŸ™‚ 6 months? I have a lot of catching up to do!

  4. mhmmchris

    A little late but – CONGRATULATIONS!
    Can’t wait to hear more about K-Pop from you. ;D

  5. Woohoo!! Congrats on sticking it out — and keep on going. I love your blog. πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations!~ I really enjoy your blog, Alisa! I’m glad to hear that you’ll be sticking around the blog world for a long time because I enjoy reading your post and they make me laugh! πŸ™‚

  7. congrats on 6months!!!

    you know what this means, right??? +6 righteous points for you!!! wooot!!


  8. KremlinChaos

    Congrats! You have a great blog so it’s nice to see that you’re planning on being active for a long time :).

  9. Happy half birthday! You should definitely blog around for a while!

  10. woww it’s only been 6 months??
    Okayy I only started stalking your blog since june, so I didn’t know you’ve been only here for that period of time…for some reason, I always thought you had been here a longer time…

    hmms, nevertheless, that’s awesome!! congrats on the 6th month!! It’s been a joy reading and sometimes commeting here. =p

  11. Kin

    Happy 6 months anniversary and keep up the good work girl.

  12. NyNy

    Really? Just 6 months? Your blog has done so well. Congrats to you ^_^

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