Poll Results Are Back With a Vengeance

Hey everyone! I’m here to report the latest poll results on what everyone considers their musical tastes to be, in terms of how wide the array of music they listen to is. Most voters fell into the middle category of moderately wide. Some troll one person said that they only listen to one genre. WHO ARE YOU, MAN!?

The new poll has nothing to do with music at all! Instead, we are going to look at a few viral videos that have all popped up at about the same time! I can’t decide which one I think is funnier, so I’ll let you choose for me. If you’ve seen the videos before, go ahead and vote. If not, here are YouTube links to click!

Double Rainbow Guy
Paul Yarrow
Jessi Slaughter

Okay, there we go! But I can’t let you go without showing off the inspirational poster I made myself! Enjoy!

Ya dun goofd

Happy voting!



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One response to “Poll Results Are Back With a Vengeance

  1. Selryam

    …As great as they all are, even though I only just saw every one of them within the last five minutes, nothing beats the Double Rainbow Guy.

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