This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

keyinjpop suggested I watch the new AKB48 PV and report my thoughts on it. So, I did. I present to you, myself ripping the guts out of Heavy Rotation, or as I’d like to call it “Hot & Heavy Rotation.”

Uhhh... 'scuse me. Just how old are you, anyway?

If that cover isn’t bad enough… I think it’s funny how I just posted a long nonsensical rant about how sexual imagery has gotten out of hand, then this PV gets shoved in my face.

At first, the video starts out nice and innocent. You think it’s going to be okay. They’re wearing black military jackets (I swear I have the same one in white!) and the music sounds all cute and happy. Just when you’re getting comfortable, thinking they’re going to sing (fully clothed) in those nice jackets for the duration of the video… BAM! There they are, in lingerie having a pillow fight, no less. I gulped in agony and fear that my experience with this video was about to go horribly, horribly wrong. We all know that cute girls having a pillow fight is a stereotypical male fantasy, for reasons I have yet to wrap my female brain around.

Then, after some jumping all over each other in said lingerie, I felt my moon pie from breakfast beginning to make a return trip to my mouth. Ugh. But, alas! They return to wearing those stupid jackets, which I have come to hate. I’m glad I decided to buy a white one because if mine were black, I’d be burning it right now instead of blogging. “Don’t give me that crap,” I thought. “Don’t be acting all sexy like that and then try to come back all innocent-like. I know what you’re up to, and I don’t like it!”

The song’s not even that good. “I want yooooou…. I need yoooooou….” Brilliant lyrics! Who wrote them, Barney the dinosaur?

Just when you think this can’t get any worse, they all suddenly become furries. Yeah. You also get bathtub shots and plenty of kisses exchanged. A man had to have created this video. There is no other possible explanation.

Personally, I was insulted by the degrading nature of the video. I understand that AKB48 is a hot item right now, especially among men and they are definitely trying to play into that demographic. I get that, and because of this reason the single’s sales are probably going to go through the roof.

What are you opinions on this PV?



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20 responses to “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. keyinjpop

    Thanks for the post. Personally, I don’t hate it. I’ve seen worse (like American rap videos).

    With all the fan-service you would find in a harem anime along with their young, innocent appearance, this PV was more funny than offensive. The song was okay, just okay.

    Also I heard a woman directed this PV (info from AKB48 fan blogs).

    • I really did find it more funny than offensive now that I think about it. I think as a woman I tend to get worked up over seeing women reduce themselves to… well, that. Thanks again for the suggestion! The post was fun to write.

  2. I remember freaking about if my parents would walk into my room and see me watching the video.
    Being female, I find it disgusting but I can understand (at least, I think I do) why AKB48 fanboys would be drooling over this PV. But what is truly upsetting is that the PV completely disregards the fact that AKB48 could be promoting their single by using different methods. They have talent, they can sing, they can dance so why do they have to resort to these crude methods?
    Although I’m not an AKB48 fan, it really disappoints me to see this.
    (When they started wearing the cat costumes I started gagging – MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL!)

  3. CheChe the Rock Star


    A lot of people (on H!O at least) are like “Ohhhhh the video’s not sexual! It’s cute!!” and I’m like WTFFFF are you watching the same video as me? Or they’re like “It doesn’t matter because it’s hot durr hurr hurr”. Yeah, okay then.

    And I agree the song isn’t even good. WTF. It’s more annoying actually. It’s just like every other song every other idol group ever sang ever. Yeahhh. I NEEEDDDD YOUUU I LOVEEE YOUUUUU WHEEE

    The only thing I liked was the rainbow floor. >.>;

  4. NyNy

    As I said before at Sora to Kujira, It was disgusting and disgraceful. And I was actually planning on getting into AKB48 until I saw that PV.

  5. I love the post, it made me laugh! 😀 But, I felt uncomfortable watching the PV, I couldn’t even finish it all the way through. -.-

  6. Selryam

    Hell, I’m a guy, and I don’t even get what the hell people find so hot about shit like this. A woman who knows she looks good and doesn’t have to dress in lingere and shit is always a much more visually appealing package than someone in lingere blushing and bending over as if she’s just waiting for… Something.

    At the same time, it’s just kind of hilarious to hear what the fanboys have to say about stuff like this. Sometimes I don’t get people at all.

  7. I was pretty much loling the whole time I read your post but when I was watched the video… it was like watching some langerie video that some of my so-called “popluar” boy-crazy classmates posted of themselves online. Boy and when that langerie part came in, it was like “deja vu!”

    And as continued to watch, I was like “how old are these girls!?” But then, hot young girls in under garments never ceases to amaze old men :/

  8. Phew… I thought everyone in this world was just thinking: “Oh well, the song is cute, and there are just two underaged in the PV so it’s OK.”
    I think the PV is scary and that the song is AWFUL. I NEED YOOOOUUU >_<
    Oh well, I'll post a link in the Website window with a forum thread that I found interesting.
    Kinda got me some insight in the Junior Idol thing.

  9. Buonodeesu

    Phew… I thought everyone in this world was just thinking: “Oh well, the song is cute, and there are just two underaged in the PV so it’s OK.”
    I think the PV is scary and that the song is AWFUL. I NEED YOOOOUUU >_<
    Let's reverse it.
    1. Pick a boy who's famous (I picked Justin Bieber).
    2. Imagine him on stage with only underwear.
    3. Add wimen, 30-50 years old, as the audience.
    4. Imagine them screaming while he's dancing around with cat ears.
    5. If you need to throw up, just do it.
    I don't dislike Justin Bieber. He was the first one I thought of since my friend loves him, that's all.

  10. Alisa…I don’t even want to watch this video.

    I’ll get depressed…AAA is releasing on the same date as them…and it’s depressing cause AKB48 are reallypopular and though the song isn’t good (or so I heard, I don’t plan on listening to it XD), coz of the lingerie and their crazy fanbase, certainly they will sell. And it depresses me…this sorta single is gonna be thrashing AAA, daichi miura, acid black cherry & everyone else releasing on that date. BOOS. At least when AAA’s Hide-Away was released the same time as AKB48’s RIVER last year, I could take the fact that RIVER was owning AAA cause RIVER was actually a decent song, a true no. 1 hit…but this songg….NOOO. =X

    • AKB48 has caused me a lot of pain too by releasing the same week as an artist or group that I like. I can’t remember who all they have beaten out. I guess I’ve suppressed those awful memories. Heheh.

      Truthfully speaking, I did enjoy RIVER because of its spectacular rhythm. It had something in it that was unique! This is just… ugh.

      • Hahha that’s good if you could suppress those memories. HAHA.

        TBH though, AAA’s single this time around…the main song, makenai kokoro, I’m still not a HUGE fan of it. So I guess I won’t feel soo bad about akb48 and this single beating them.

        The pv for makenai kokoro is spectacular, they used simple concepts, like black & white, and it just worked out so well! The choreo is fun to watch though. The ending is the best, very unique. Though I still wish the guys sang more. They were just singing back-up but in the video, they didn’t even show em singing. So they look like back-up dancers XD Have you seen it??

        The 2nd song in the single, Day By Day, I heard a short preview and it is SOOO GOOD! Happy, bonfire song…lol, it had everything that Makenai Kokoro didn’t have in terms of song…and both guys and girls sang too…

        In the cd only version, there’s a cover of an old song called Wow War Tonight by the guys only which I haven’t heard yet…so I have no idea if it’s nice…LOL.

        Btw, you ARE gonna review all this when makenai kokoro comes out right? *BIG GRIN*

        sorry for the AAA fan spazzing again…I do that wayy too often X)

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