GACKT’s Too Sexy for Respect, Too Sexy For Respect…

“Why is he so sexy?????”

“Too hot.”

“Waaaaa, sexy!”

What do these useless statements have in common? They are all ACTUAL YouTube comments left on GACKT videos. (usernames withheld to protect the ignorant innocent)

Since being converted, in a sense, to the ways of GACKT a couple years ago, I’ve grown to become more and irked by his fanbase. It seems as though many people look to him as a sex symbol rather than a legitimate musician/artist. I challenge you to lurk around on YouTube for a while and surf through some of his videos. The number of comments reading along the lines of “I wanna be his waifu XD XD XD” far outweigh things like “GACKT is a phenomenal and brilliant artist. Golly, I sure do appreciate what he does!” This makes me sad.

Truth is, GACKT has more than one side. He’s human, after all. As a big fan of him, I can appreciate all of these sides because I appreciate him! In saying, I don’t only see this GACKT:

I see this GACKT too! The fun-loving GACKT!

And this GACKT as well. The artist GACKT, who works tirelessly just to make us smile:

To only like GACKT because he is “sexy” or because he sometimes performs music with sexual themes is narrow, and downright immature. He’s an artist, and people who are true fans (or rather, true Dears) will be able to love his music and his messages no matter what he looks like or sings about. We should love him because he’s GACKT, and he puts his entire heart and soul on display for us every time he opens his mouth. He loves us unconditionally, and we should return the favor.

I think my anger exploded when I read Liam’s write up of the YFCz gig in London, where some fangirls demanded for GACKT to play Vanilla, a song that wasn’t even in the set list, and the band obviously hadn’t rehearsed. Regardless of whether or not GACKT actually heard their cries, I was horribly embarrassed to read that this happened, and that these people had the gall to do such a thing.

I know what they were thinking. They thought “if GACKT sings Vanilla, it will be like he’s singing it to ME and then… *dirty thoughts*” I bet they don’t even know anything about the song other than the lyrics. I bet they have no respect for the fact that the song has one of the most spectacular bass lines ever. It’s sick.

The point is that GACKT didn’t have to come to Europe at all. It was his gift, and those fangirls abused it.

I am fully aware that celebrity crushes happen, but it’s important to think objectively in these situations. Learn to love the music too. That’s all I’m saying. Celebrity crushes usually happen to people who are otherwise untalented (A.K.A JUSTIN BIEBER) so normally I wouldn’t be so offended. But, GACKT has more talent in his pinky than I have in my entire body so it supremely irks me that people overlook this just because he’s “hot.”

Plus, do you think GACKT is going to be in the same physical condition twenty years from now? If you said yes, guess again. He is beginning to age, slowly but surely and at almost forty years old, this is natural. What happens when he’s old and gray? Will we abandon him then because he has lost his physique and his once-immaculate face is clouded with wrinkles?

I’m speaking from the perspective of a non-traditional female GACKT fan in that I am in no way attracted to him (rare, I know) but I love his music and find him to be possibly the most creative individual who ever lived. Maybe the fact that I love GACKT without “loving” GACKT influenced this long and senseless rant. I hope it was moderately coherent.



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30 responses to “GACKT’s Too Sexy for Respect, Too Sexy For Respect…

  1. I think you raise a valid critique of fangirls everywhere. It seems as the Internet becomes more rampant (thus allowing easier access to information to artists), so does the drive of raging hormones (and the seeming inability to control them.)

    I’m definitely with you on the side of GACKT being an amazing artist. I haven’t heard as much as I’d like, but they’re GOOD. And I love that they’ve been around forever. I remember downloading songs in high school and that was, er, a while ago. 😉

    • Yeah, he is definitely a legacy within himself, that’s for sure.

      • I have a newbie Gackt question for you, too, Alisa! I want to purchase one of his albums on iTunes. I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t listened to as much of his music as I’d like.

        What do you think is a good starter album? Which album has the best songs / best compilation? It makes more sense to ask a Gackt connoisseur than just blinding clicking on samples. 🙂

        • Wonderful! Nice to hear someone wants to get into GACKT. Begin with The Sixth Day. It’s a compilation album. Then try The Eleventh Day, the compilation album with his newer stuff. Then I suggest you move on to his other albums working from MOON to REBORN. Just my advice though. The songs you’ll want to try first are Mizerable and Vanilla. Good luck!

  2. Jin


    lol j/k~ GACKT isn’t my type. ;D

    I find it so hard to comment on here sometimes since we’re so into different sides of J-Pop and in this case, I can’t really relate to you with any certain artist…

    Artists how make incredible music(Utada) aren’t usually commented with “I WANT YOUR BABIEZ” and the girls who really are gorgeous(H!P), don’t make their own music. xp

    Anyway, it must be real annoying to see all those idiotic comments on his appearance and not his actual work. :\ YOU MUST START A RIOT!

  3. It’s sad reading that tour review because I would be in the fangirl group since “Vanilla” was my first GACKT song. However, I’ve listened to his discography and I love most of the things he releases… I think I would’ve been interested in seeing REDEMPTION more than Vanilla though but that’s just personal opinion…maybe even Mizerable XD

  4. This sums up approximately 90% of K-Pop fans.

    The key reason why I ventured dangerously deep into Korean pop music and (apparently) have decided to remain an avid listener is strictly because of the music.

    I do think young Kpop listeners start off this way, but eventually get sucked into the devastating mentality that looks > music.

    For instance, SHINee recently released their album ‘Lucifer’, which I personally found to be a pleasant record, but I was entirely put off by fans who down right refused to hear a note from their music because SHINee’s latest concept photos — which saw the boys in crazy hairstyles, flashy clothes and weird Native American hat thingies — looked horrid. I noticed the same with 2NE1 fans, who just decide their music sucked because they dressed really ‘out there’ for the Kpop norm.

    It’s just ignorance to the 10th power sometimes with fandoms everywhere.

    I’m entirely with you, music and the musician should be appreciated first! Looks come second…or third?

  5. Kin

    This is the same annoyance I get from many visual kei or J-rock fangirls (obviously you’re not like that). Sometimes it puts you off from liking an artist or band.

  6. keyinjpop

    My Dear (lol pun), so many artists are judged these days by appearance rather than talent. GACKT has both but his good looks does tends to be the main focus and that’s sad because he is a talented, unique individual who deserves to be praised for his music.

    If GACKT wasn’t as easy on the eyes I would still listen to his music because that is the beauty of GACKT, his work that he produces that shines like a diamond for all to enjoy and that’s what matters most. EVER.

    • Creative pun indeed! Oh and nice work using “EVER” as well. It looks like you’re keeping up with my challenge!

      You made some really good points with your comment. Thank you!

      • keyinjpop

        This isn’t related to the post but could you do a post/rant about the recent AKB48 pv. I read a lot about it and I want to get your opinion since you put humor and honesty in your thought plus its a rather interesting video. EVER.

        • That is EVER so awesome of you to request. I’ll do it as soon as I can find somewhere to watch it. It’s been removed from just about everywhere, so now my interest is piqued. It’s gotta be a big deal if I can’t find it anywhere!

  7. karadin

    Ah you are right, as one commenter said, thats 90% of fangirls anyway, but for those of us who care about other aspects of Gackt, there are the interesting projects he takes on, the cool people he collaborates with and the charity events he does – particularly for earthquake victims around the world. Gackt is more than just a pretty face.

  8. Whooo, my blog inspired this post x3

    It does disappoint me that people only like him for his looks. I believe I replied to a comment on that write-up saying that if people who only liked his music went, there would have been an overall better crowd. But that’s how life is at time, and people just need constant sex appeal, because that’s the most important thing in the world >______>

    The reason he does concerts is for his music. Main feature really. If it was a fashion show, THEN go and appreciate his looks. Or, just quit being a damn fangirl and listen to his music.

    Though you do raise a point, give it 20 years, and he’ll probably have no fangirls (leaving only us true fans >:D )

  9. NyNy

    Yes. Too sexy, indeed. TOO sexy. *drools*

  10. Haha, I usually hear things like “OMG Justin Beiber’s sooo hawt!” But apparently, his music just wants me to kill the radio. It’s true, girls just can’t like a celebrity for their looks. It’s like, if some hot guy was homeless, they would still want to marry him since he hot anyways.
    GACKT is chill since I discovered him from FFVII: DoC and Zeta Gundam music. Celebrity crushes are common but I’ve never went through it. (And I hope I don’t anytime soon…)

  11. I went shopping this past weekend, and I totally thought of you when I snapped this photo XD <– wish I had the extra cash to buy it :O

  12. Buonodeesu

    I don’t listen to Gackt a lot but I read this post. Then, a few days later, I came across this comment on a tv show that Gackt was in: i would have lost it and raped him right there xD

    This comment was one of the most high-rated on the video. That made me angry, even though I’m not listening to his music that much. I don’t think the word “rape” should be combined with a xD. You sound like a real fan to me, unlike those fangirls who are writing like that.

  13. Blue_Possibility

    I admire you because you actually like an artist for their work, not how they look.

    You’re awesome and I agree with you all the way!

  14. Rin

    I’m more interested in what the artist/musician/band is capable of…meaning, can they actually grow and develop their sound and skills with each new album and/or project they do. Then I want to know their personality. And if I find the individual pleasing to look at then its a bonus.

    And I agree with you about these fangirls that can’t seem to keep themselves under control. (they scare me) *thinking about Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The Beetles fangirls* old school but you get the picture.

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