Poll Results; K-Pop Isn’t “Rocket Surgery”

It’s Saturday, you know what that means! Poll results! Last week, I asked what the science behind k-pop’s completely undeserved explosion in popularity was. Most of you voted for catchy tunes. Good choice. Plus, if “hot chicks” had won, I would be reevaluating my faith in the human race while writing this post.

This week’s poll deals with variations in musical tastes. I’ve admitted to everyone that I have a great deal of preschool music on my iPod. (*cough* and a couple Johnny’s Ent. songs. *cough*) Either I have a wide appreciation for music, or I’m just weird.

Happy voting!





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3 responses to “Poll Results; K-Pop Isn’t “Rocket Surgery”

  1. Haha, I thought about voting for “hot chicks” but then remembered that I also enjoy Fly To The Sky. 😛

  2. Mike

    I read a blog post recently where someone explained their reasons for switching from jpop to kpop as being 1) The girls/boys are hotter, 2) The videos have higher production values, 3) The dancing is better, 4) It sounds more like western music, 5) Her friends like it.

    I lost faith in humanity right then.

  3. Well no, we can’t ignore the plastic surgery among most of the artists. But it is the catchy tunes though.

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