Poll Results ‘O Doom

My latest poll has concluded and surprisingly the choice I voted for won! The majority of voters (22 people) agreed with me that an ideal song last between four and five minutes. Close behind, nineteen people voted for a song between three and four minutes which is totally understandable.

Two people voted for songs between two and three minutes. Must have been k-pop fans. Aren’t k-pop songs typically shorter, or is that just my wacky imagination?

One person voted for songs between five or six minutes and one person voted for songs over six minutes. That last person HAD to be a Versailles fan. They just HAD to, okay?

There was zero love for songs in between one and two minutes. Awww, come on! DDR songs are that length!

Thanks to everyone who voted! New poll will be up shortly! (as soon as I can think of one..)




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2 responses to “Poll Results ‘O Doom

  1. Kpop songs ARE really short. Many of my favorite songs clock in at just around 3 minutes.

  2. I voted three for four minutes. 🙂
    Many songs that carry on past the four minute point seem to repetitious.

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