“SHIVER” – The GazettE


My second contribution to Visual Kei Heaven!

Hey everybody! I apologize for the inactivity and lack of drive lately. My fiancé has been working quite a bit in the last week, and while this shouldn’t affect me, I became a little catatonic from missing him so much. Seriously, I could write, direct, and produce an entire Lifetime movie from my sob stories. Anyway, in an attempt to shove some dedication down my throat, I turned off my modem to write this review. Don’t get me wrong, I love tweeting with everyone but it can seriously distract me. (BTW, Badymaru, when are we going to start our rush for new gacktpause fan club members?)

SHIVER is the latest single by The GazettE. First off, what is up with that cover? I feel ready for some sort of underground exploration by looking at it.

SHIVER wastes no time getting started. I don’t really like or dislike this song, truthfully. The melody is just average. I don’t know, I think for a song called SHIVER I expected it to be a little more chilling and harsh.

Next we have HESITATING MEANS DEATH. Yes, this title is also in all caps. I’m not just screaming at you via text for my own benefit. This song had that air of brutality that I was yearning for in the previous song. There is also a wicked instrumental break near the 2:30 mark. This song just made me want to kick something over. Not a tripod, though. D’espairs already did that. Maybe I could kick over a vacuum cleaner. Yes. Because that makes perfect sense. Let’s just hope I don’t hesitate before I do so because, you know, that means death.

When I saw the name of the final track was Naraku, I flinched just a little because of some painful memories. If anybody reading this is or was an InuYasha fan, Naraku was the name of the antagonist who JUST WOULDN’T DIE. I personally liked the arrangement of this song. It’s kind of spacey and elegant but still tense. The balance is pulled off really well and it’s an above average tune. That’s the most I can say about this track.

In Conclusion: This single didn’t necessarily blow me away, because I always think it’s unfortunate when the other songs outshine the titular track. I can still respect the single entirely because it was average. I like to always have my Visual Kei glass half full.




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6 responses to ““SHIVER” – The GazettE

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  2. What a wonderful review. I couldn’t agree with you more on the SHIVER track, I was describing it as bland, but I think you put it better to say, Average. xD

    And I really enjoyed the other two tracks better as well, though HESITATING MEANS DEATH didn’t seem to flow very smoothly (IMO) I am a sucker for heavy guitars done tastefully. It’s the beat that bothered me -shifty eyes stares at kai-

    I know they can do better, I just hope they realize there mistakes and do a better job next time, and blow us away like The Gazette always did in the past.

  3. I agree. I was expecting to be bowled over by SHIVER…wasted a lot of energy anticipating its release, as well.
    I have a lot of respect for The GazettE, and they have some incredible tracks in their repertoire. The problem with actually being a decent band like this is that when they release good music, the bar ends up getting set pretty high…and although I don’t expect them to ravage those standards and emerge beasts of insanely powerful music on the other side with each new single, it is necessary that they at least meet those standards. Better luck next time?
    Back to listening to NIL for now.

  4. Nice review. I don’t see too many sites that review GazettE. I agree about what u said about SHIVER. There’s really nothing about it that stands out. Naraku on the other hand is the track worth listening here. It’s just awsome in every single way. I didn’t really like HMD at first but at the 1:10 mark where the song starts to chill out a bit is where it won me over.

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