Rap Just Sounds Better in Korean

E.via is evil and completely psycho. In the best possible way.

I hadn’t really thought of it before, but there is just something about the Korean language that makes it sound totally amazing when it’s spoken rapidly. We all know that I’m not big on k-pop at all, but I do have a weakness for Korean rap. By the way, I always call it “Korean rap.” K-rap is too close to looking like “crap.” 😛

When this blog was still in its infancy, I reviewed e.via’s first mini-album (if you remember that). E.via is seriously cool because her image makes her like that creepy little girl in nearly every horror film who says something along the lines of “they’re heeeeeeeere” before some huge freak-o monster busts out of nowhere to kill everybody and their sister. Uh, yeah. E.via is very talented because she’s really fast with her rapping, and manages to hold onto a rhythm like the good ‘ol rappers back when it was about skill, not screaming pointless obscenities to a basic beat.

To further confirm my love for Korean rap, I recently discovered Love is War, a rap duet between Gilme and Outsider. Immediately, I was struck by Gilme’s ability to rap with emotion. She sounded… sad. I had never heard rap like that. As for Outsider, he can rap even faster than e.via, if that’s possible. I was so impressed with his flow! The song is truly epic.

I still don’t understand what it is about the Korean language, and I probably never will. I love that the excellence of Korean rap artists has helped me to lose my hatred for rap as a genre, though.

Do you have any favorite Korean rap songs?



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16 responses to “Rap Just Sounds Better in Korean

  1. Ah…I never thought I’d be saying this, but since it’s your blog, and your questions in bold print at the bottom always makes me feel better about admitting to things like this… I have something of a weakness for Korean rap.

    I agreed with everything you said in your post. I haven’t listened to E.via since I’m sexist (just kidding, just kidding), but after I heard Outsider’s phenomenal song “Loner”, I guess I developed an appreciation for the genre. As you say, there’s something about the Korean language; it has a certain rhythm to it that sounds quite cool in rap. They also have a deep sensitivity for strong melodies and like their music to be easy on the ears– all winning points, in my personal opinion.

    I’ve never had the capacity to stomach Japanese rap, except for a few rare cases. Somehow they just never seem to be able to “get” the whole thing, and it ends up looking like they’re all just trying too hard. The Koreans seem to have got it in one, though…
    See, I may not be as diverse as you, but I do branch out…sometimes.

    • Yes, you definitely can’t pass yourself off as sexist, considering I’ve caught you swooning over exist trace and the vocalist of RAMPANT. XD

      I’m not that huge on Japanese rap either, save for a couple of songs by Home Made Kazoku.

      You’ll only be as diverse as me when you sing Schoolhouse Rock songs while driving to an Algebra final. 😛

  2. My first exposure to Korean Rap was with this groups named Drunken Tiger. Now those guys can rap quickly! I rmr I was impressed by their speed and flow, though I never really got into their music after that.

    THANK YOU so much for E.via. Gosh I love that girl! She’s so cute and yet so DAMN FIERCE. It’s great! Can’t wait to here more music from her. =D

    One of the reasons I think rapping sounds good in Korean is that the structure of the language itself is that of single-syllable letter groups. Also, I’ve heard opinions from some friends saying that in comparison to English or their own Asian language, Koreans sounds like they are “mumbling” due to the lack of sharp sounds in their pronunciation. *shrugs*

    Let me watch this PV real quick…

    What a cool song! I like it. 🙂 Gilme’s rapping is so fast! A little English in the chorus always goes a long way too.

    Hey, I think there is only one way to settle this. You have to find rappers in both Korea and Japan, post their vids, and then have ppl vote on who they think are the better rappers. hmm…

  3. PS. Thumbs up for your E.via pic and caption. hahaha.

  4. PS. I just watched Gilme’s Love Cuts ft. Eun Ji Won as well; another solid song.

    This guy and his female collabs reminds me of H-Eugene, who is another good rapper you should check out. His song with Shin Ji from Koyote is still among my fav K-songs of all time. ❤

  5. Love is War is definitely up there. I love E.via’s Diary; it’s so emotional and it’s addicting

    • Yes it is; you’re so right! The melody that plays throughout “Diary” is so sweet too. The whole song makes me think of a gentle summer rain. Thanks for making mention of it because I’m going to go listen to it now!

  6. My favorite Korean rap song would have to be Tasha’s “Pay Day” or Drunken Tiger’s “Monster”.

  7. Selryam

    Not gonna lie, my favourite Korean Rap song is e.via’s “Oppa, Can I Do It?”. Korean Rap is probably my least favourite style of Korean music, but I just love that song to death for some reason.

    In summary, I guess this comment also shows that my only real agreement with your post is the good stuff about e.via. Nothing against K-Rap (Not trying to imply anything here) fans though.

    • That song is soooo wrong. I mean, she’s so cute but she raps about concepts like THAT!? I think the conflicting images are a big part of my love for e.via.

      I know that you aren’t trying to bash Korean rap fans. I am glad you can share when we disagree. It lets me see things from another perspective; something I always welcome.

  8. NyNy

    Honestly, yes it does. To me, better than American music, C-Pop or J-Pop.

    Rappers like T.O.P, Minho, Yunho/Yoochun collab, Jun Hyung and Taecyeon sound so good you want to sing along.

    e.via is good but I think in terms of underrated solo rapper, go to Gil Me and her song Kill Me.

  9. hmmm maybe coz there are Korean rappers who can rap ridiculously fast?! lolol but you do have a point…and korean rap is kinda nice…though I was never a big fan of rap, soo yeahh XP

    And like one of the users said above, Outsider’s Loner is rather amazing!

    And don’t ask me about japanese rap cause all I know are the johnny’s rap like tanaka koki from KAT-TUN, though I don’t really like koki coz i can’t get what he’s rapping half of the time. sakurai sho from arashi is not bad though.

    My fav rapper in Jpop though is definitely Hidaka. heeeyyy that guyy is good. When he was asked to use this list of random words to create a rap in a few seconds, he did it so effortlessly. And I always loved his raps for AAA. I think he’s really good at it. X)

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