Poll Results (Never Fail To Confuse Me!)

It’s after midnight here in the Bluegrass state (can I get a yee-haw?) so that means it’s officially Saturday. I believe I’ve become an expert at waiting for things now that I’m older. amd more mature. Between dodging any preview remotely related to GACKT’s new single and avoiding my poll results until closing time, I think I’ve gained a new breed of patience. Now if only I could stop snooping around looking for early birthday presents.

The winner of this week’s poll is:

“Lovefool” by Perfume! Wait, really? “Lovefool” by Perfume!? Silly readers! This is funny because this was never a fully recorded cover. The girls only sang the chorus of this song and it was used for a Pepsi commercial. I really need to get more Visual Kei fans to read this blog. (uhh, you didn’t hear that!)

I’ve been excited to put this next poll up because it’s over a topic I often poke fun at. Choose the ideal length for a song! The choices range from DDR to Versailles. Have fun!




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7 responses to “Poll Results (Never Fail To Confuse Me!)

  1. ABC shoulda won. Just sayin. xP

  2. Interesting, don’t remember what I voted for. What were the other choices?

  3. I voted for Perfume – the way they sang the chorus was just way too infectious *drools* xD

  4. The Chorus is enough to tell it would have been the bestest cover evar *0* I just wish it was finished :/

    Also, best thing next to a real full version – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0pTcfphPUQ&feature=related

  5. Selryam

    Side-note: I DO NOT SEE WHY THAT REMIX ABOVE GETS SO MUCH LOVE EARGSREIGJ it just annoys me so much.

    Onto the real comment: I can’t remember what the choices were… I think I chose Lovefool because I didn’t know anything else on the poll, but depending on how much my memory currently hates me, I could be thinking wrong. It did sound like a promising tease of an advert, at least.

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