Weekly Babble, Volume Two

(published a day early because I have to work tomorrow!)

Songs I’ve Had on Repeat This Week
“赤毛のケリー” by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
“Gothic Circus” by SADS
“Kiss Me” by YUI
“Please Stay With Me” by YUI
“Throw Him Away!” by SAWA

Musical Rants

1.) Still no sign of the Luzmelt single that released this week. I’m developing a tic from wanting it so much.

2.) It is gacktpause’s fault that my iPod is inching closer and closer towards maximum capacity every single day. XD

3.) A Visual Kei Talk Show has proven to be the greatest idea known to man. Also, vuvuzelas. That is all.

4.) Less than a month now until we get that new T.M. Revolution release!

5.) When I saw that Kuu’s “Gossip Candy” didn’t top the OriCon, I was secretly pleased. It isn’t a secret now, so please don’t harm me with those pitchforks that have somehow materialized in your hands.

6.) It feels like the amount of excitement as far as releases go has cooled down this week. It’s about to heat up again soon!

Take it easy, all. Don’t forget to vote in the poll; it ends Saturday!



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3 responses to “Weekly Babble, Volume Two

  1. keyinjpop

    2. I blame his incredible writing skills for making my iPod slowly reach full capacity.

    3. Good for VK fans. If Morning Musume and AKB48 can get away with it, Visual Kei should too.


    5. Avex must be crying in defeat though I wish Kumi would take a break so she can recharge.

    6. True, so very true.

  2. I see you’re enjoying the new YUI music. I can’t wait to get my album in the mail!!! @_@

    4. Since I enjoy abs so much now, I’m going to give this new TMR single a listen. 🙂

    5. Kuu’s what? Gosh I don’t even listen to that washout anymore…

    6. Speaking of polls, I’ve started a RANDOM POLL of teh DAY. Please stop by and check out my side bar. 😉

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