“Moon/Blossom” – Ayumi Hamasaki

I always have problems with her face, but I loved the softness of this cover. It fits well.

I still think this is Ayu's prettiest look to date. OH WAIT, THAT'S NOT HER. XD

Sometimes I wonder if Ayu ever sleeps. With her spewing out double a-sides left and right, one begins to ponder.

Naturally, when I saw that Moon was nearly six minutes long, I thought “oh crap.” The song has a captivating opening, and then suddenly begins to sound a lot like Izayoi by BeForU. (if you haven’t heard that song, look it up. Its quite good.) Ayu’s voice sounds much better in this song than it did in previous releases. The song itself is simply average with a sweet, forgettable melody. The 5:47 length wasn’t necessary and I began to get a little tired. Still, I made it through the song. Twice, I might add. The song is a good effort, but she could have cut this down to about four minutes and it would have been much better.

Blossom also has a lovely opening and Ayu sounds great again. I liked the energizing chorus, and the whole song is feel-good. I’m reminded of her “I Am..” era a bit with this song, which is nice considering that it was my favorite era.

The Lowbrows have provided us with a remix of Microphone which I already had enough of a love-hate relationship with. This remix pumps up the dark sound found in the original, while also making it a little bit gritty as well. I liked the remix very much.

In Conclusion: I’ve felt like Ayumi has been uninspired lately, and I had hoped this single would have taken the edge off of those feelings. It didn’t exactly do that for me. I enjoyed hearing improvement in Ayu’s vocals, but I just wasn’t feeling any of these tracks. I’m a little tired of multiple a-side singles as a whole, not from just Ayu so please don’t think I’m targeting her.


What was your favorite Ayumi era? What’s your opinion on artists releasing a ton of double a-sides?



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9 responses to ““Moon/Blossom” – Ayumi Hamasaki

  1. elfwitch

    i agree. i’ve liked her singles, but she does seem to be running out of things to say, or creative ways to say them. i haven’t listened to the single yet, but i will when i review it. i’m hoping for another b-side, because i liked life–an these double a-side singles are… tired. nice review.

  2. Selryam

    Double a-sides are better off being left as occasional surprises from an artist instead of their main single release format. They just start to get staler and worse the more they release. If anyone is good proof of this, it’s Ayu. And Namie’s getting there too, but at least her single was still good.

    Also, TAKE A BREAK AFTER AN ALBUM. All of these continuous releases are starting to wear thin.

  3. I actually had hopes when I found out she was releasing, but oh how disappointed I was when I heard MOON.

  4. NyNy

    Is this a new song?? That I didn’t include in my July Month Updates??! OMG, I need to go listen to it.

  5. OMG CREEPIEST GACKT COVER EVER. Hahaha sorry I don’t even play those songs b/c the cover scares me so much.

    Anyway Ayu is starting to wear thin… Avex is just trying to milk her for everything she’s got. Girl needs a vacation.

  6. wjohns

    I guess I’m probably the only one who feels this way about artists continuously releasing music but I’ll come out and say it. The reason why they do that could be because after a while of waiting for something new from them, it becomes very, VERY tiresome and boring. It’s one of the reasons why I lost interest in Utada’s music because she’s taking WAY too long to release anything. I even think that she might have quit and not told anyone yet. That’s just what I think, I don’t know about anyone else’s opinions.

  7. I’m tired of double A-sides too and you’re not alone in your thoughts about Ayu–even my Ayu-idoling girlfriends admit that Ayu’s latest works have been “disappointing, at best”.

    I feel Ayu is an amazingly talent and fierce woman, and don’t see why she seems so sub-par lately. This ISN’T the Ayu I grew to love. 😦

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