Poll Results: Favorite GACKT Album


The winner of the “favorite GACKT album” poll is Diabolos! I personally voted for Mars because, come on. That’s where it all started. I was basically obligated to vote for it. Still, Diabolos, or another GACKT album for that matter, is positively fantastic. Congrats to those who voted Diabolos!

The new poll deals with cover versions. I’ve been listening to a few lately, so pick your favorite out of my favorites! I’ll also leave the “other” option open as well. Happy voting!




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4 responses to “Poll Results: Favorite GACKT Album

  1. Thank god for that “other” option. xD

    I loooove jrock covers.

    Right now I’m loving on ABC’s Love is Over cover, but my all time favourite is still Hyde’s Careless Whisper. If you havent heard it, I suggest you track it down.
    Also, I’m kinda partial to giru’s cover of Glamorous sky too.

    Also, MUCC’s House of the Rising Sun.

    I could go on xD

  2. Hm…your polls have very interesting results. (I didn’t vote for Diabolos either. Rebirth was my pick, although it was destined to lose).

    Keep the polls going! They instigate creative tension and uncertainty in our otherwise friendly blogsphere! ;]

    • I think I need to stop looking at the results before the poll finishes. I am fearful that I am somehow jinxing my results, you know, like I jinx everything else in the realm of j-music.

      Rebirth is an incredible, inspiring album. It was so tough for me to pick just one album to vote for because they all have strong points.

  3. That cover looks creepy but very creative. I’ve only heard one song from Gackt and that’s…Returner? I think that’s what it’s called.

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