“Break It/Get Myself Back” – Namie Amuro

Everybody says this, but this looks so much like sifow's Rule cover.

Decide for yourself.

Namie Amuro, the Queen of Hip-Pop (does she still use this title, or was it just for that one album?) has been riding a wave of renewed popularity since her phenomenal 60s70s80s release. Break It/Get Myself Back is the first single in a new Namie era, following PAST>FUTURE which is, correct me if I’m wrong, currently the highest-selling album on the Oricon this year.

Break It is a dance track, to say the least. I was digging the funky guitar playing throughout but something about the key Namie was singing in was weird. I don’t know if it was like she was singing too high or what but the vocals are just weird. This song is surely good for dancing, but so is WILD and I’d choose WILD over this any day. Oh, and why is this song so short? I couldn’t even get into it before it was over!

Get Myself Back is a ballad that starts out with a simple piano intro. Its quite pretty. This is the better track of the single because Namie sounds good and the tune is sweet and catchy. The chorus is especially relaxing and cool. Good work!

In Conclusion: This single was a little lopsided. I like it that Namie tried to balance a dance track with a ballad but they weren’t on the same level.



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8 responses to ““Break It/Get Myself Back” – Namie Amuro

  1. oooooh. “PAST>FUTURE” is “PAST<FUTURE".
    Silly girl. 😛

    Also, I hope this single isn't bad. :/

  2. elfwitch

    it seems that after 60’s70’s80’s her singles have been half and half with me. wild/dr. i hated wild, loved dr. this one, don’t like break it, but i do like get myself back. hmm?

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