Its Still Cooler Than Your Mom, Honestly

The site’s name is now just “Sakurayume.” I’m trying to think up some quirky description to go with it. Any ideas? Sure, the “cooler than your mom” thing was cute, but I felt this makes the site more recognizable/easy to remember. Like or dislike the change? Leave me a comment!




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14 responses to “Its Still Cooler Than Your Mom, Honestly

  1. Selryam

    Nooo, the name was so awesome… I mean, if you think this is better for the blog, then I’m all for it, but… Aww. D:

    • Let’s just say this is a trial period then. If I get lots of feedback suggesting the old name was better, I’ll change it back. This is all in favor of being more user-friendly, but I don’t want it to come at the expense of losing the spark my readers appreciated. We’ll see. 🙂

  2. Just updated my blogroll with your new blog title! 😀

    I really like the change! ~ Before it was a really amusing, fun title, but some people who don’t have a sense of humor could always get offended with the ‘mom’ jokes, so I think it makes for a fresh change and more accessible to the humorless people with good taste for music! 😀

    Either way, they’re awesome blog titles ~ 😀

    • This was most of my reasoning. Besides being easier to remember, I felt wrong to make people who disliked “your mom” jokes uncomfortable. I want everyone who reads my blog to feel welcome, not turned off by my slightly hateful sense of humor.

  3. Personally, I like the change. It creates more of a sense of continuity- but I also believe you should stand up for your “hateful sense of humor”. It’s great that you’re being sensitive to your wide range of readers, but, and this is just my own personal opinion, what makes me read one person’s blog over another person’s, is the personality that shows in its pages. Ideally your readers keep coming back for that “hateful sense of humor” (I certainly do)– so I just hope you don’t compromise it for the sake of making the whole world feel “comfortable”.

    The blog is looking really good. It’s gone through quite a metamorphosis since day one!

    • I’ll still use the sense of humor in my reviews for sure. I would never want my blog to become bland and run-of-the-mill.

      Thank you for the feedback, and for reading since practically my first post. Its good to look back and see what I’ve accomplished over the past five months. 🙂

  4. LOL there is a tiny smiley face in the top right corner of your page…. just sayin.

    and yea I think the shorter name is more remember-able. Can call it by name now xD

    • I know, why the heck is it there!? It must have been part of the theme I chose for the blog, that’s the only explanation. But smiley faces are cool, darn it. 😛

      Bonus points to me for being remember-able. XD

  5. mhmmchris

    I like it, it’s definitely easy to type out when I mention you to people. The new banner is nice as well. (:

    Time to change your name in my blogroll!

  6. I love the name “Cherry Blossom Dream” translated too. ^_^

    Hey, what was your blog called before? LOL, sorry my blog has yours down as Sakurayume all the time.

  7. I also like the change, but am blank as to what a good, catchy subtitle would be. I’ll keep thinking, though! And I’ll change the name on my blog roll. 🙂

  8. I’m all for the new title (although the old one did add a little flair to my blogroll, hehe). Easy to remember and like you said, less likely to offend- although people who can’t take a joke should really not be reading blogs on the internet. lol. Snazzy new banner, btw =D

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