“Color” – Girugamesh

…but nothing will ever top my favorite Girugamesh song.

The cover is interesting because of its irony. There's not much color to be seen here. The band's pose is epic.

Finally, Girugamesh is back after their ingenious album NOW, released in December 2009. I thought the album was brilliant, at least. (Driving Time ❤ <3) COLOR is their latest single, which to me is a total step down from anything you could have found on NOW.

COLOR is an energetic track with some nice guitars chugging their way through the song. I’ll be honest. I tried and tried and tried again to like this song. I appreciate the energy and I think the emotion in performing the song is genuine, but the melody and instrumentation seem tired, like I’ve heard the same thing from other VK bands many times before. COLOR is a track I’ll keep in my iPod and listen to if it comes up on shuffle, but its not one that I would specifically seek out to listen to.

Sunrise starts with some tribal sounding drums and feels like its going to be a total mess before the guitars come in. Its a fascinating, summery track (because of those crazy drums!) and the call-and-response style yelling makes the track fun to listen to. Some might find the drums awkward, and I was skeptical of them during the first couple listens but somehow they work.

Rounding out the single is Flower which undoubtedly has the best melody of the bunch. The beat is really punk-ish but I liked it. Giru can always make interesting use of instruments which is one thing I’ve liked about them from day one. (I think this single is all about the drums) Flower is the most catchy song on the single and I swear I’ll be humming it later.

In Conclusion: Even though this single was a dud for me, I’m not holding anything against giru and you shouldn’t either. I can still feel they are making a conscious effort to please their fans and that’s good enough. They’ll never lose my support unless they just stop caring and it becomes evident in their music. But it hasn’t happened yet, so why worry about one single that missed the mark?


P.S.- Happy Tanabata!



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4 responses to ““Color” – Girugamesh

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  2. I’m glad you ended up doing a review. I think we agreed on most points. I haven’t really heard the single from start to finish yet, but as far as I can tell from here, you summed it up pretty aptly. From what I’ve heard, Flower definitely had the most ‘color’ out of all of the tracks.
    It’s like you said, really. It’s not even that COLOR was a terrible song or anything, because in all honesty, it wasn’t. It’s just that if you’ve hung around long enough to know, giru is a creative band that should be doing creative things. Turn off repeat, guys. Write us some fresh stuff.

    Oh. And Ryo– get off Twitter already!

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