Poll Results Make Me “Mizerable”

In my tiebreaker poll, Hyde defeated GACKT. (16 votes to 13 votes) I’d be a good sport and concede defeat, but I think I’ll totally pass that up and say “oh yeah? Well, its not Hyde’s birthday! HUMPH!” Just kidding. Congrats, Hyde. I guess.

New poll is up!




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7 responses to “Poll Results Make Me “Mizerable”

  1. I voted for HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDE! =D

  2. keyinjpop

    I voted for GACKT but really they both are amazing singers and hold no grudge towards HYDE in winning this tiebreaker. Long live G + H.

  3. How can you even run polls with such a biased attitude…?

  4. WHAAAAAAAT? Gackt is better and hot. He has such beautiful blue eyes. 🙂

  5. You guys know I was joking, right? I would have been happy either way. I’ve been listening to Hyde at least three years longer than I have GACKT, just to give you an idea. 🙂

  6. Hehehe YAY I voted for HYDE XD

  7. HYDE 100%. I love GACKT, but HYDE was the original.

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