Shed Some Tears: The Most Touching Japanese Songs

Every once in a while, a song comes along that besides being a really good song, makes us feel something. Sometimes, we can be so touched by a song that it makes us cry, laugh, reminisce. Here are my picks for the top five most touching Japanese songs:

# 5 “Forgiveness” – Ayumi Hamasaki

(used the Memorial Address cover because the single cover is creepy as all heck)

Where did this Ayu go? This Ayu was creative and had awesome vocals. Its like the Ayu we have now is a completely different person! This song is perfectly calming because of the soft singing. It swells at the chorus into something bigger, more powerful than itself. I miss the old Ayu.

#4 “Tabidachi no Uta” – Mr. Children

Maybe I chose this song because I love Koizora and watched it three times in a row once. Its a bittersweet song and much like the movie it was in, is about moving forward.

#3 “Hoshi no Suna” – GACKT

A widely overlooked song, this b-side from G’s Tsuki no Uta single really makes you feel like he is singing the entire thing with tears in his eyes. The simple piano and GACKT’s soft voice couple well together and work wonders at giving the listener goosebumps.

#2 “Snow White” – D

When this song came out, it received a lot of criticism from die-hard visualists for being, well, a ballad. Others praised its beauty and emotion. I love this song because its simple and tragic. Plus, you get to hear Asagi’s voice shine in an area outside of snarling. His vibratto is excellent and this borderline opera song definitely made me cry. Truly touching.

#1 “Kingyo Hanabi” – Ai Otsuka

I really could have said “virtually every Ai Otsuka ballad” here, but this song is special. Its my favorite song ever. Ai’s lyrics are clever, almost childish, poignant. The melody is smooth and the instrumentation along with the sound effects create this almost ethereal mood. This song still gets me when I listen to it, and I’ll be happy to play this song at my wedding in a couple years.

There you have it! These five songs always make me well up, and sometimes even burst into tears. Which songs make you feel that way?



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8 responses to “Shed Some Tears: The Most Touching Japanese Songs

  1. I agree SO much with #5 and #1. I also get really emotional when I hear “dearest” by Ayu and “Final Distance” by Utada Hikaru. They’re both really beautiful songs.
    Nice post!

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  3. I always tear up when I hear Continued Story by Hitomi Kuroishi – Innocent Days too.
    Ai Otsuka ballads can be really touching, my favourite is Kurage, Nagareboshi. ^^

  4. Gosh! I gotta make time to participate in your musical questions! Just that one bold Q at the end of each post makes me want to jump into action!

    “Kingyo Hanabi” is an AMAZING song; quite possibly my fav Otsuka song as well, even if her and I have been at odds lately.

    Off the top of my head:
    *Enrique Inglesias: “Hero”
    Otsuka Ai: “Renai Shashin”
    Ayu: “fated”, “Together when…”
    K – “Only Human”
    Yumi Shizukusa: “Hana Kagari”, Forever I’m With You”
    BoA: “Meri Kuri”
    alan: “Hitotsu”
    MONKEY MAJIK: “aishiteru”, “Together”, “Aitakute”
    most Yuna Ito ballads

  5. Kin

    Konayuki by remioromen

  6. mell

    i didn’t feel anything 😛 Ayu’s vocal is just too horrible.

    my top 5 is better than yours.

    #5 Angela Aki – Kiss Me Good-Bye / Love Is Over Now
    #4 KOKIA – Arigato
    #3 MIho Fukuhara – Your Story (in english, but still count)
    #2 Yuna Ito – Wish
    #1 Tohoshinki – Kiss, Shita Mama Sayonara (though, i generally hated them)

    • “Better” is relative. Music is music, we all have our likes and dislikes. There’s honestly no such thing as “better.” You need to understand this, because your haughty, holier-than-thou attitude about music is a real turn-off.

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