XodiacK Ex-Guitarist to Release Single With New Band

Hizuki, the former guitarist of XodiacK

Hizuki, the ex-guitarist of XodiacK, will be releasing a currently untitled single with new band Orochimaru (Naruto reference, possibly? Let’s hope not.) on July 9th. I’m hoping its good because this guy could shred.

This is all fine and dandy, but when is the new XodiacK going to release? I miss Eros’ voice. 😦

Thanks to aramatheydidnt




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5 responses to “XodiacK Ex-Guitarist to Release Single With New Band

  1. Oh Xodiack, this is my first time seeing them. They look pretty awesome. Think I will sample some of there music soon x]

    • They’re outstanding. Try their song “Kimi ni Furu Zetsubou no Ame” first. Its one of my favorite songs ever!

      • Thanks for the recommendation XD I will try that song first then!

        • Welcome! It makes me happy to help out a fellow VK fan. Here’s a link to the song to make it easier to find:

          I would have linked you to the PV, but the PV is horribly poor/overdone and I didn’t want that to affect your view on the music itself. Happy listening! 😉

          • Wow thanks for the link. I loved it, it was pretty amazing. I am really impressed with the vocals the most, the guitar was nice too! But all together the band sounds pretty epic, I could totally jam out to them! Thanks for introducing me to them!

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