“Defended Desire” – Aldious


Look what I’ve found! ANOTHER VK band where the people who look like chicks are chicks! No guessing! No pondering! No uncomfortable moments!

Aldious, like exist trace, is a Visual Kei band consisting entirely of females. I’d put their sound in between the brutal exist trace and pop-rock group SCANDAL. They can rock out, but their vocals and melodies aren’t as grating or violent as exist trace.

Defended Desire, besides having a cool name, is a fast-paced rock song with some incredible drums. They remind me of the machine-gun-sounding drums that you hear in Deluhi songs. But, the vocals sound a little apathetic and the lyrics are slightly repetitive. I’ll give these girls an A for effort as the song is pretty good. Maybe after a while they will come into their own and produce some stuff that will blow me away. Or I could totally jinx them and force them to disband/lose members, as I have seemingly done to XodiacK, Luzmelt, and Canzel. If this is the case, I will give gacktpause license to mock me for all eternity.

灰の雪 is a slower song and reminds me of older-style j-rock. Its nice, and the vocals are the best in this song. Her voice reminds me of Mika Nakashima in parts.

Ultimate Melodious has a killer opening and the drums get to shine once again. I just couldn’t get into this song because the vocalist sounds like she could care less about the song.

In Conclusion: The winning attribute of Aldious is its drums. The vocals need work. If I don’t sense emotion in any aspect of a song be it the voice, the guitar, whatever, then I don’t feel emotion either and I turn the song off. Still, give it a listen because these girls seem like they’ve got potential.




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2 responses to ““Defended Desire” – Aldious

  1. Amusing post! For the most part I agreed with your evaluation of the band. The drums are definitely the high point, and the vocals do fall kind of (really?) flat. The instrumentation was quite awesome at parts, and I liked the ’80s rock feel of the 灰の雪 guitar solo and riffs.
    I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with this all-female VK. Somehow I’m way more judgmental with them, even though I should be cutting them slack. There are some bands that just hit the mark for me: exist trace, obviously, and then Danger Gang, because both of them feel like they fit very naturally into the scene. If it seems like they’re trying too hard, then it’s a turn-off.

    I basically make an effort now to never talk to you about my favorite bands. I’m afraid of what you can do….

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