Ai Otsuka is Married

This just in. Ai Otsuka is a married woman! She is now the wife of SU from Rip Slyme, who you’ll remember collaborated with her on Aisu x Time. This gives a whole new meaning to the song, don’t you think?

I wonder if there will be a pregnancy announcement in the future? (much like Leah Dizon, Kaela Kimura..)




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6 responses to “Ai Otsuka is Married

  1. … not to mention Melody and Miyavi (and ayaka and Hiro Mizushima). There’s way to much wedlock in Japan.

    Anyway congratulations to her! Hopefully she’s not preggers =/

  2. keyinjpop

    I’m not familiar of either artist but I wish them the best and hopefully there is a pregnancy. I’m still surprised by the union of Miyavi and Melody.

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  4. Since when, I didn’t know that!! And is the Aisu x Time the PV where it shows a lot of people in the nude touching each other’s bodies?

  5. I just heard about this today!

    And you guys forgot to mention Maki’s (Haikara) marriage to you know who…

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