Oricon Overrun By Johnny’s Entertainment

First of all, thanks to aramatheydidnt for posting this article.

Its June, people! The year is halfway over, so its only fitting that Oricon release their mid-year sales information. If you look at the single charts, you’ll see that it is group central. ARASHI, yet again, has claimed the #1 spot with Troublemaker. Not only that, but the #2 spot as well with Monster. The Johnny’s lovin’ doesn’t stop there as KAT-TUN takes the #4 spot. The other two singles are both by AKB48. It is interesting to me how each of the top 5 singles were created by groups. (pretty large groups too) I wonder why these are so huge among fans of j-music right now.

The album charts are slightly more varied, with artist like Ikimono Gakari and Kaela Kimura featured. Namie Amuro holds the #1 spot with PAST > FUTURE. I can attribute this to Namie’s massive resurgence in popularity following 60s 70s 80s, as well as a well-timed release for the album. Plus the fact that it was really good, in my opinion.

More Johnny’s lovin’ in the music DVD category, which is one I usually overlook.

If I could predict, I would say that Troublemaker isn’t going to budge from the #1 single slot this year. The only question is, how much longer will this Johnny’s fanaticism last? What will be the next huge musical trend?



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3 responses to “Oricon Overrun By Johnny’s Entertainment

  1. Hurray for the return of Namie!
    Now if only Ayu and Hikki could get their stuff together…

  2. I’M STILL MAD PONYTAIL TO SHUSHU BEAT SAKURA NO SHIORI 😡 SnS was such a better single. but Ponytail was senbatsu single so ughhhh

    ignoring that, I’m happy for everyone on the list 🙂

  3. Well Troublemaker will budge if Arashi sells even more with their upcoming singles…*Yes I’m expecting quite alot this year* lol…Cause Arashi’s selling power is crazy. they can sell up to 1 million. No joke XD

    haha about johnny’s, you’re talking about a company that’s been around long before you were born X)
    Which is why they have long established themselves as a very dominant power in the market.

    Avex in comparison, for example, is probably only about your age or slightly older. So in a sense, it’s no surprise JE is still like the super power.

    And about when the next musical trend will come…ahh…who knows? lol.

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