“a:FANTASIA” – Nightmare

This is one of three available covers for the single.

I’m excited to be reviewing a release by my fiance’s favorite band!

Nightmare is back, commemorating their ten year anniversary. Congratulations, guys! Seems like a lot of artists have been observing anniversaries lately. Maybe its just me who notices that. Hmm..

I’ll cut straight to the chase. a:FANTASIA is positively amazing. It builds with a lot of tension and rapid guitar playing and is just totally exhilarating. Yomi, despite his diminutive stature, can definitely sing. He sounds amazing in this song. (by the way, if you’ve ever watched lives of Nightmare/listened to their live album you’ll hear that he sounds just as great live. Actually, he sounds BETTER live to me!) Listen to the song here.

Romeo, like Love Addict on their last single Rem_, also got a PV! I really liked Yomi’s blonde perm and blue contact lense-wearing look in this video. I have to admit that he is one of the better-looking j-rockers. (cringes at Yasu from Acid Black Cherry)

Yomi becomes a member of the Aryan race.

Romeo carries on a:FANTASIA’s hard, fast sound. Overall, I liked it but it didn’t leave as big of an impression on me as the first song. I liked this song’s PV a lot better, though.

Rover closes out the single. Its much slower and completely forgettable but a nice way to end the single because it kind of mellows out the mood presented in the previous two songs.

In Conclusion: I realize that I have been overlooking Nightmare lately, as Majestical Parade and Rem_ were both pretty meh for me. This single was refreshing and I’ve had the a-side in my head for about three days now. Highly recommended to any fan of j-rock!




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6 responses to ““a:FANTASIA” – Nightmare

  1. keyinjpop

    It’s not just you, I’ve noticed a lot of artists celebrating their 10th/15th anniversary lately. And this single is refreshing, more rock than pop rock to me.

    • I agree. It feels like they are back to actually being visual again. It was nice to see them dabble in pop rock and whatnot, but when you think Nightmare, you think of something somewhat violent but in a poignant way.

  2. they’ve been releasing a lot of boring things lately… fortunately this brought them back to their more hard rock selves.

    • I thought the same way. This was like they were actually visual again. The last thing they did that I liked was that disjointed mess “Naked Love” where I felt like I should be headbanging one minute and doing a daggone tango the next. Plus, I had to learn to like that song. With this single, it was just automatic awesome.

      • Waa, you just took the words right out of my mouth for Naked Love. Disjointed wtf hate followed by sudden love.

        I’m really happy they went back to their roots for a:Fantasia. Everything post-Killer Show didn’t really do it for me, but I did appreciate that they were always willing to experiment. Anything that is memorable enough for me to recall the melody in a split second is a win for me ^_^

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