GACKT’s Still Got It

I am overwhelmed by this performance. No words to describe it. I have never seen an artist and audience coexist so beautifully.

Now I’m even more upset that I won’t be in Europe to see him. 😦




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3 responses to “GACKT’s Still Got It

  1. Jin

    Whoa, I’ve never seen GACKT live before. @-@ This totally surprised me. xD

    I thought he was all srs and stuff. xp

  2. A pretty awesome performance. As a rampaging Visualist, I really like the whole concept of YFC and the livehouse rock’n’roll tour, but I hope that in my lifetime I get to experience both the arena tour AND YFC. It’s like GACKT’s good and evil personae.
    Don’t be so downcast! GACKT is a man of his word– he said (screamed) that next will be America. Even if it takes another 1o years, I have complete faith that he will live up to his hollering and come rock in the US. ;]

  3. elfwitch

    this was a good performance. i’ve always been a hyde fan myself, but i can appreciate his voice.

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