2009 < 2010

This morning, a little after 2 AM while listening to immi’s “Black or White” for the thousandth time something dawned on me. I thought to myself “Wow, the music this year is ten times better than the stuff released last year!”

I thought a little harder about it and realized that there was really only one artist I listened to last year: GACKT. I suppose it is rightfully so, as he bombarded us with singles last year, most of which were really quite good and unique. Still, only listening to one artist can put a huge damper on music appreciation as a whole. Nothing else really notable came out last year. Sure, D released “Genetic World” and MEG wowed me with “Journey” but there still wasn’t a big variety of quality material in 2009.

This year, even though its only halfway over, has given me a wide selection of great music from all kinds of genres. I’ve discovered a myriad of new artists while ones I’ve known and loved for years have put out some great stuff. 2010 is a great year for musical variety and my iPod is constantly on something different.

Though I totally loved the “year of GACKT,” (as I lovingly dubbed last year) I think music as a whole has improved this year. What do you think?




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8 responses to “2009 < 2010

  1. Very, very true~ 2010 has been amazingggggg C: However, 2008 > EVERYTHING >:3 hehe…

  2. keyinjpop

    I agree. TBH last year had that whole electronic trend going around and made music from various artists less unique. As I look at my iPod and continue to play songs on repeat and look at the websites to check for new releases, this year definitely seems like a good year in artist’s quality music. Also 2009 was the year of GACKT.

    • The year of GACKT wasn’t a bad thing by any means (he is my favorite artist after all) but its refreshing to see more artists than just him putting out good stuff. I agree that the big electronic trend last year got a wee bit old.

  3. I definitely agree! The year started a little generic when it came to J-Pop, with stuff like Ayu’s new album, which I thought was very boring, but as the year progressed, even Hyori was able to release an incredible record *-* Xtina is taking over the hearts of many with “Bionic” in the west (Unfortunately, this is not reflecting on her record sales ¬¬), and I can’t wait for JASMINE’s and Maki’s debuts next month *-* Their new work sounds amazing

    This year I’ve been hungry for more and more music and I’ve let go of many prejudices I had with certain artists or genres in the past. With so many mouth-watering releases it’s hard not to do just that 😛

    But I certainly agree with you! Music woke up with the right foot into this new decade! 😛

    • I’ve let go of a lot of my prejudices too this year! I’ve dropped all the silly requisites I’ve had for the past few years and have tried a little of everything. Glad to see another person has done the same. 🙂

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