Selected Viewing: “Renon” – M

Here’s another example of giving some uber strange music a chance. If you can get past the Latin-style guitar and raw, sometimes snarling vocals, then you’ll love this song.

I have been listening to this song for about a week now and I get more into it with every listen. The video is also great because there is definite passion in the vocalist’s movements. Yeah, at first I thought he looked possessed as he thrashed around but then I came to appreciate that this way his way of feeling the music. Good stuff.




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4 responses to “Selected Viewing: “Renon” – M

  1. Pretty cool song. Although, I’m not sure about the “uber strange” remark, or the “Latin-style guitars”? The twangy guitar layering is reminiscent of some of MUCC’s stuff (a good band to follow in the footsteps of, most def), but I felt like they appreciated a boundary there and worked well with inspiration as opposed to imitation.
    At first I thought they should all be sent to a correctional facility to treat the perverse desire to wear cuffed denim and capris in a PV, but on second thought it’s a relief they’re doing what they want rather than what everyone else is doing.
    Low-budget PVs like this are always some of my favorites. I love the footage on the rooftop, as the city-lights backing the shadowy silhouettes was really quite cool and stylish.
    The song has some character as well, while still feeling very VK. I like what they’ve done here, and I’m interested in seeing some of their other music.

    • I didn’t quite know how else to describe the song. (n00b alert, right?) I haven’t listened to much of MUCC’s stuff as I’m only about three years into being a j-rock fanatic. I’ll have to give them a shot, since I appreciated this “twangy” style so much. Do you have any MUCC recommendations in particular?

  2. This may be my first Visual Kei song BTW.

    First impressions:
    – Edgy darkness? Yeah, it’s rock.
    – Hey, this dude sounds a little like Hyde. Role model perhaps?

    other thoughts:
    – hmmm… that chorus was rather non-climatic
    – nice vocals guy
    – damn that guitar is cool. Very nice.
    – This guy does have passion. It’s like he’s making love, vocally, to the camera.
    – a city rooftop + cityscape combo after sundown works very well.
    – looks like I’ll have to watch this twice now…

    — just noticed how cool his pants are.
    – why do Asian men have such great hair?
    – seems like he’s singing about something painful; not surprising really
    – 3:10 nice vocals; he really gets fierce in the end. I love songs that start slow and build.
    – Would this make a good anime song?
    – oh dang, I think I like it. XD
    – the scream at the end is semi-headache inducing.

    • I gotta love all your quirky observations, Ty. J-rockers always have awesome hair. You need to check out Yomi from Nightmare’s perm in their newest video for “Romeo.” Amazing…

      I didn’t think the guy sounded that much like Hyde. He has that certain raw-ness in his voice, however.

      As for this being an anime song… it might work for like an AMV or something. The anime would have to be pretty dark for it to work.

      As always, I enjoy your comments!!!!!

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