“Last Love” – Miliyah Kato

Last Love is the newest single from up-and-coming J-pop star Miliyah Kato. I am embarrassed to say that I have not been keeping up with Miliyah and have not given anything of her’s a listen since she released Sayonara Baby about 6,000 years ago. Needless to say, any credibility I may have in writing this review is shot. Knowing that, I still wanted to talk about this single and give it some much-needed acclaim.

Last Love is a ballad about a woman who has been left by her love. Through reading the lyrics, I almost want to say that instead of breaking up, the boyfriend/husband/soul mate has died. I have no idea why I felt this, but its just the impression I get from listening to the song and hearing the lyrics. This excellent review describes the song as full of innocence and light, which I can back up wholeheartedly. The covers of the single exude innocence and light, as well as the line from the song “tanjoubi wa hitori na no, kurisumasu mo hitori na no?” (will I be alone on my birthday, will I be alone on Christmas?) Something about that line made me break down and cry because of the sheer childlike innocence and honesty in it, as well as Miliyah’s quavering delivery. The song itself is nothing special. Its a run-of-the-mill ballad with a melody I swear I’ve heard a million times before, but you have to look deeper and appreciate the lyrical content and the way Miliyah creates the mood of the song with her voice.

The other songs Tomorrow and Fallin’ are not very good. They make a nice compliment to the a-side, but they aren’t anything worth listening to more than once and are just songs that were created in order to have a single. Yeah.

In Conclusion: I think its time I got off my butt and started keeping up with Miliyah Kato. ‘Nuff said.




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3 responses to ““Last Love” – Miliyah Kato

  1. elfwitch

    this has become my favorite song of the moment and your review describes it so accurately and beautifully. it’s just the way she sings it, especially that part of the song where it sounds like her voice is quivering. love is a hard word to describe, and no one wants to let go of love and be alone. šŸ™‚

  2. BucE

    Ugh I love Last Love so much! It’s so powerful! Tomorrow is actually pretty good to šŸ™‚ I don’t really like Fallin’ though (But I do admit, I haven’t listened to that much yet so eh XD)

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