Poll Results :)

The winner of my new banner poll was “something j-poppy!” The readers have spoken, so I have ditched my cute little Spinarak for a Koda Kumi banner. I’m not the biggest Kuu fanatic on the planet, but I thought it would be fun to playfully make a clever poke at the title of one of her upcoming songs.

A new poll is up for this week. More reviews to come soon. I still have requests to work on so I’ll be finishing those up within a week, hopefully. Let’s pray the laziness monster doesn’t eat me alive! Haha!




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7 responses to “Poll Results :)

  1. “inside fishbowl”? ….I don’t get it. :/

  2. awwws how did that win?!! I voted for pokemon!! pokemon!! XD haha hii new friend! I’m back from the land down under.. lol.

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