“Knife” – exist trace

She means business.

“Knife” is the latest release from revolutionary Visual Kei band exist trace. I say “revolutionary” because this is about the only v-kei group where I second guess the gender of some (if not all) members. Why? Because they’re all women! FEMALE women! They’re women who don’t cut corners or sugarcoat their music either. They are true visual kei and can jam with the best of ’em. They can scream, convulse, and seriously blow you away.

The entire single cuts to the core (pun intended) and features absolutely beautiful yet harsh vocals and some serious instrumental talent. I’m not even going to bother going into detail or breaking down each track because they’re all great, they’re all unique.

In Conclusion: I think that as a woman, I’m happy to see other females break into the mostly male dominated world of VK. Not only that, but I’m pleased to see them be good at it without being one of those happy-joy-joy-rainbow-lolita-oshare-blah-blah-blah kind of things. I honestly don’t know where I was going with that one. Uhhh… anywho, “Knife” is a great listen. Its not as hardcore as some of exist trace’s other stuff but it is still awesome nonetheless.

(can you tell that I’m tired?)



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2 responses to ““Knife” – exist trace

  1. I haven’t taken the dark road into the V-kei yet. Maybe I might. Might I not. Who knows.

    Just a thought: she looks somewhat like a mix between an angry Kuu and Payne from…you know what game. 😉

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